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BTS returns the stage in Seoul, but there’s a new rule for fans: No cheering

On Twitter, some fans say they will have a hard time containing their excitement when their favorite boy band takes to the stage. The rule is part of the tour's COVID-19 protocols.

The K-pop phenomenon BTS is returning to the stage, but there's a catch for their famously frenzied fans: No yelling allowed.

The band's management company is asking BTS fans, aka "The Army," to adhere to strict COVID-19 protocols during the group's "Permission to Dance on Stage – Seoul" concerts, which began this week.

The rules include no yelling or chanting, and no headbands. Clapping and dancing are still OK.

The seven-member group is performing three concerts at Jamsil Olympic Stadium in Seoul, their first time on stage since taking a hiatus in December.

But as exciting as that may sound, the group's management company, Big Hit Music, issued some guidelines about what fans can and can't do at the shows.

BTS' management company Big Hit Music is asking fans not to yell during the boy band's "Permission to Dance on Stage - Seoul" concerts.
BTS' management company Big Hit Music is asking fans not to yell during the boy band's "Permission to Dance on Stage - Seoul" concerts.BigHit Music / AFP via Getty Images

Along with shouting, fans were asked not to eat or drink anything, except water. However, concert-goers were encouraged to "groove while seated" and show their enthusiasm by clapping or using a clapper device.

Fans will also have their temperature checked when entering the arena and exit by assigned section. Although the stadium can hold nearly 70,000 people, there will only be 15,000 people allowed in per day and face masks are required.

Despite a drop in COVID-19 cases, venues and businesses across the U.S. were still taking similar measures, though mask mandates have being eliminated in most states.

On Twitter, fans voiced frustrations about not being able to scream and shout.

"everyone attending the irl bts concert and not screaming are way better people than me fr idk how they’re holding back the URGE TO SCREAM AND YELL AND DANCE my clappers would be in pieces at the end of the concert," one fan said.

Others wished The Army well, despite the circumstances.

"Have fun! Army who are going tonight bring boom sticks and noise makers as you are not allowed to yell!"

A few more people shared how hard it would be to contain their excitement.

"honestly, if i was there, bts staff would have kicked me out from the moment bts showed up because those red outfits.... the yelli let out in my room at 5am, feel like that's how an exorcism sound," one fan wrote.

"I WILL YELL," another tweeted.

BTS' “Permission to Dance" run started on Thursday and will continue on Saturday and Sunday. The performances will be streamed live online, and Saturday's concert will be broadcast live in movie theaters around the world.