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Blake Shelton returns to the '90s, mullet and all, in new music video

Shelton brought back his old, iconic hairstyle in the video for "No Body," released Friday.

Blake Shelton has brought back one of his most iconic hairstyles.

On Friday, he released the music video for his new song, "No Body," and in the 3 1/2-minute clip, he sports the same mullet that he used to wear in the '90s when he just started making a name for himself in Nashville. Sadly, the mullet is just a wig.

“I feel like myself again,” he told "Entertainment Tonight" about the look.

“I thought, ‘Man, I’ll just go back to the old Blake, put my hat back on and put a mullet wig on and make a video,’” he said. “Because this song sounds like it came out of that era. That’s why I thought it would be a great song for now, though, because I feel like lately we all kinda long for the good old days.”

Fans can get an especially good look at the mullet at the end of the video. The singer ends up taking off his hat when he stops to have a drink with a woman by the bar. But as soon as he sits down, Shelton appears to be hit with a piece of fruit that someone threw from across the room.

Image: Blake Shelton reveals his mullet in his 'No Body' official music video.
Shelton shows off his mullet at the end of his "No Body" music video.via Youtube

He described the video to "ET" as "goofy."

“I felt like the world needs to just have some fun for a minute,” the "Voice" coach said.

When Shelton was asked why he got rid of his real mullet a long time ago, he noted that it just didn't work for him anymore, and he doesn't miss it at all.

Image: Blake Shelton performs at the 37th Annual CMA Awards in 2003.
Shelton (with longer hair) performing at the 37th Annual CMA Awards in 2003. R. Diamond / WireImage

“It’s hot, it just sticks to my neck ... it drives me nuts. I instantly remembered how much my hair got on my nerves back in the day, but I wouldn’t give it up because people were asking me to cut my hair," he said. "And because they were asking me, and the record label was pressuring me, there was no way in hell I was gonna cut it — just out of spite.” 

Shelton did bring back the mullet look in 2020, with a little help from his now-wife, Gwen Stefani.