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The best and funniest reactions to Beyonce's album 'Renaissance'

"Renaissance," Beyoncé's seventh studio album, is garnering praise — and sparking memes.

As to be expected, Beyoncé's seventh studio album, "Renaissance," broke the internet when it dropped on July 29. Online, fans and celebs (not to mention critics) are singing its praises.

Whereas Beyoncé surprised fans with the albums "Beyoncé" (2013) and "Lemonade" (2016), the singer gave us a two month-long heads-up for "Renaissance." Fans had a chance get excited and speculate about the songs based on the tracklist.

The resulting songs are anthems to self-love, infused with disco (and Donna Summer) and beats that demand a dance floor.

Below, find some of the funniest, most enthusiastic reactions that "Renaissance" has garnered since its release.

A 'skipless' album: How fans are celebrating 'Renaissance'

On social media, fans hailed "Renaissance" as an artistic triumph. One user wrote: “beyoncé going to bed tonight knowing that #RENAISSANCE is one of the strongest bodies of work released this century”

More than an album, Beyoncé fans are calling "Renaissance" a "project," an entire "body of work" in album form.

One Twitter user described the album as "the total package" ... "excellence, 80s disco meets retro, basking in the sun while sipping endlessly on cocktails, shimmering disco lights reflecting on our bodies."

It's not easy to make a "skipless album," but fans are suggesting Beyonce just did. “Beyoncé didn’t just make 'a' skipless album, she made a 16 TRACK ALBUM SKIPLESS," one wrote.

She is, as one Twitter user wrote, an "architect of sound" and a "magician," creating an "exhilaratingly brilliant" album.

A feeling of appreciation reigned among fans. “What we’re witnessing is so rare. A generational artist who has carved out a sound over the year and is still somehow relevant and fresh. Like my mom, sisters and kids love her?? We’re literally so lucky,” one Twitter user wrote.

The transitions are getting their own shoutouts

The songs on "Renaissance" are getting individual reactions — and so are the transitions between songs.

The sequence between “Cuff It," "Energy," and "Break My Soul" is especially lauded.

The contrast between "Alien Superstar" and "Church Girl" spurred another meme.

Celebrities shared their reactions to 'Renaissance' in real time, too

Turns out celebrities are just like us — they wake up early to listen to "Renaissance," too.

In the early morning of July 29, Grammy-winning artist SZA posted on her Instagram story: "Me rethinking my entire creative process after being freed from monotonous sonic bondage by Beyoncé."

Jimmy Fallon wrote a letter to Beyoncé on his late night show. "Is it OK to release something this fire during a heat wave?”

And, writer, creator and star of Emmy nominated TV show "Abbott Elementary" sung her praises of "Renaissance," wishing she could dance to the disco-inspired tracks:" (Really) want to go out and dance tonight but also (really) afraid of all the viruses."

The funniest reactions to 'Renaissance'

Beyoncé said that she spent quarantine working on new music, inspiring one user to tweet, "lock us back up!"

Each of album's 16 songs is garnering its own reactions. Bestselling author Bolu Babalola contributed to the conversation around “Church Girl,” a sexy song with a misleading title.

"Alien Superstar," naturally, is inspiring some extraterrestrial-themed memes.

"America Has a Problem" has been especially buzzy — fans were expecting a political anthem and instead got a sexy song.

Some called Beyoncé a "troll" for the move.

Finally, fans want a visual album stat

In a press release, Beyoncé confirmed that a visual component to "Renaissance" was on the way, which she did for albums "Lemonade," "Beyoncé" and "The Lion King: The Gift" in "Black Is King" — but some fans want it now. "