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33 of the best Beyoncé songs

Get dancing, get empowered.
/ Source: TODAY

For over 20 years, Beyoncé has dominated the music industry.

The singer has cemented her legacy as one of the all-time greatest performers while continuing to deliver ear worms and empowerment anthems. 

Her latest track, “Break My Soul,” the lead single from her upcoming album “Renaissance,” further proves that her powerful vocals complement any genre. The upbeat song combines a sample of the Robin S. house music hit “Show Me Love” with inspirational lyrics, making it impossible not to dance when you hear it. 

“Break My Soul’ could be an indication that “Renaissance,” Beyoncé’s first solo album since 2016’s “Lemonade,” will be a house music record, but the influential artist is known to experiment with multiple styles in one album. Beyoncé's entire catalog is filled with undeniable hits that range from catchy pop anthems like “Run the World (Girls)” to uplifting ballads like “Halo.”

In anticipation of hearing her seventh studio album and 16 new songs that will surely become fan-favorites, let’s take a look some of Beyoncé’s best and most popular songs (in alphabetical order, not order of importance). 

'Baby Boy' ft. Sean Paul

Album: “Dangerously in Love”

Best lyric: “I’m so wrapped up in your love, let me go (yo, oh, na, na, na) / Let me breathe, stay out my fantasies (yo, yo, yo, alright)”

'Best Thing I Never Had'

Album: “4”

Best lyric: “You don’t deserve my tears / I guess that’s why they ain’t there”

'Brown Skin Girl' ft. SAINt JHN, WizKid and Blue Ivy Carter

Album: "The Lion King: The Gift"

Best lyric: "Brown skin girl / your skin just like pearls / The best thing in the world / I’d never trade you for anybody else"

Check on It’ ft. Bun B and Slim Thug

Album: “Dangerously in Love” 

Best lyric: “I’m not myself, lately I’m foolish, I don’t do this / I’ve been playing myself, baby, I don’t care / ‘Cause your love’s got the best of me / And, baby, you’re making a fool of me / You got me sprung and I don’t care who sees” 

'Crazy in Love' ft. Jay-Z

Album: “Dangerously in Love” 

Best lyric: “I’m not myself, lately I’m foolish, I don’t do this / I’ve been playing myself, baby, I don’t care / ‘Cause your love’s got the best of me / And, baby, you’re making a fool of me / You got me sprung and I don’t care who sees” 


Album: “4”

Best lyric: “Still love the way he rock them black diamonds in that chain / Still all up on each other, ain’t a damn thing changed / My girls can’t tell me nothing, I’m gone in the brain”

‘Deja Vu’ ft. Jay-Z

Album: “B’Day”

Best lyric: Know that I can’t get over you / ‘cause everything I see is you / and I don’t want no substitute”

‘Drunk in Love’ ft. Jay-Z

Album: “Beyoncé”

Best lyric: “We be all night, and everything alright”

‘End of Time’

Album: “4”

Best lyric: “I’ll be your own little star, let me shine you up / Or your own little universe make me your girl”

'Flawless' (Remix) ft. Nicki Minaj

Album: “Beyoncé”

Best lyric: "I woke up like this"


Album: “Lemonade”

Best lyric: “Always stay gracious, best revenge is yo paper.”

'Freedom' ft. Kendrick Lamar

Album: “Lemonade”

Best lyric: “I break chains all by myself / Won’t let my freedom rot in hell / Hey! I’ma keep running / ’Cause a winner don’t quit on themselves” 

'Get Me Bodied'

Album: “B’Day”

Best lyric: “I ain’t worried doing me tonight / A little sweat ain’t never hurt nobody / While y’all standin’ on the wall / I’m the one tonight getting bodied”

'Grown Woman'

Album: “Beyoncé”

Best lyric: “I’m a grown woman / I can do whatever I want”


Album: “I Am… Sasha Fierce”

Best lyric: "Everywhere I’m lookin’ now / I’m surrounded by your embrace / Baby, I can see your halo / You know you’re my savin’ grace"

'Hold Up'

Album: “Lemonade”

Best lyric: “Can’t you see there’s no other man above you? / What a wicked way to treat the girl that loves you”

'I Care'

Album: “4”

Best lyric: “Ever since you knew your power / You made me cry / And now every time our love goes sour / You won’t sympathize”

'If I Were a Boy'

Album: “I Am… Sasha Fierce” 

Best lyric: “When you lose the one you wanted / ‘Cause he’s taken you for granted / And everything you had got destroyed”


Album: “B’Day”

Best lyric: “So since I’m not your everything / How about I’ll be nothing, nothing at all to you / Baby I won’t shed a tear for you / I won’t lose a wink of sleep / ‘Cause the truth of the matter/ Is replacing you is so easy”


Album: “B’Day” international edition also from the soundtrack for the film “Dreamgirls”

Best lyric: “I’m more than what you made of me / I followed the voice you think you gave to me / But now I’ve gotta find my own”

'Love On Top'

Album: “4”

Best lyric: “You’re the one that gives your all / You’re the one I can always call / When I need to make everything stop / Finally, you put my love on top"

'Me, Myself and I'

Album: “Dangerously in Love”

Best lyric: “Yeah, you hurt me, but I learned a lot along the way / (It’s how I learned how to make it through) / After all the rain, you’ll see the sun come out again”

'Naughty Girl'

Album: “Dangerously in Love”

Best lyric: “Baby the minute I feel your energy / Your vibe’s just taken over me / Start feelin’ so crazy babe”

'Ring the Alarm'

Album: “B’Day”

Best lyric: “Time to ring the alarm/ ‘Cause you ain’t never seen a fire like the one I’m a ‘cause”


Album: “Beyoncé”

Best lyric: “Driver, roll up the partition please”

'Run the World (Girls)'

Album: “4”

Best lyric: “My persuasion / Can build a nation / Endless power/ With our love we can devour”

'Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)' 

Album: “I Am… Sasha Fierce”

Best lyric: “Pull me into your arms, say I’m the one you own / If you don’t, you’ll be alone / And like a ghost I'll be gone”


Album: "Lemonade"

Best lyric: "I ain’t thinking ‘bout you / Sorry, I ain’t sorry"

'Upgrade U' ft. Jay-Z

Album: “B'Day" 

Best lyric: “You need a real woman in your life (That’s a good look)”

'Work It Out'

Album: “Dangerously in Love” (European, Latin American and Australian special edition) 

Best lyric: “How ya doin’, honey, baby / You know I don’t ask for much but / For a girl spendin’ time alone / Can be pretty rough”


Album: “Beyoncé”

Best lyric: “In the darkest night hour / I’ll search through the crowd / Your face is all that I see/ I’ll give you everything/ Baby love me lights out” 


Album: “4”

Best lyric: “Baby, we ain’t got nothing but love/ And darling, you got enough for the both of us”