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10-year-old girl impresses Selena Quintanilla’s widower Chris Pérez with ‘Como La Flor’ rendition

Mariapaula Mazon belted out the late singer's classic song while meeting Selena's husband, Chris Pérez.

A young girl walks on stage, turns her back to the audience and, with a microphone in her hand, whispers something to the host of the Las Vegas event. Then, she belts out a powerful rendition of a hit song by the late Texan singer Selena Quintanilla Pérez.

The moment, which was captured on video, shows 10-year-old Mariapaula Mazon singing “Como La Flor,” the iconic 1992 song by the queen of Tex-Mex music, to Selena’s widow, Chris Pérez. The video has been viewed more than 5 million times in the last month after being shared on TikTok.

“It makes me cry,” Pérez says as Mariapaula sings to him on stage. “It’s good to see someone like her, who will be the next Selena in so many ways.”

Mariapaula said she started singing when she was 2 and that her mother, who is also a singer, has been her teacher. “She teaches me, but I do the rest,” the 10-year-old told Hoy Día de Noticias Telemundo in an interview in July.

Although she has been singing for many years, her love for Selena is new. Her interest in the singer piqued after her father, Joe Rivera, threw her a Selena-themed 9th birthday party. 

“Selena was very humble, very talented, very loving and that’s why I like her,” Mariapaula told Hoy Día. 

María Paula Mazón, a 10-year-old singer, imitates Selena Quintanilla.
Mariapaula Mazon, a 10-year-old singer, love to sing Selena Quintanilla songs.Telemundo Hoy Día

For Rivera, seeing his daughter sing Selena’s hits with so much talent overwhelms him with a feeling that is difficult to describe — something he has in common with his daughter.

“When she sang that Selena song, (‘Como La Flor’), for some reason… she says she feels connected with Selena. She says she’s overcome with a feeling she can’t describe.”

Since going viral for her vocals that sound very similar to the Mexican American artist, Mariapaula has had the opportunity to sing for Selena’s brother, songwriter and producer A.B. Quintanilla.

Mariapaula is currently in the fifth grade and hopes her music and voice will be known worldwide. Her next appearance will be at the Tejano Music Awards on Nov. 26 in San Antonio, Texas.

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