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MTV announces reboot of 'The Real World' and 'Daria'

MTV is bringing back a rebooted version of "The Real World" along with '90s animated favorites "Daria" and "Aeon Flux" as part of a new studio venture aimed at streaming services.
/ Source: TODAY

MTV has decided to return to "The Real World."

The company announced on Thursday that it is launching a new production venture aimed at reviving '90s favorites like "The Real World" and "Daria" for streaming TV services.

The shows will be produced by the newly created MTV Studios, which the company said in a news release will be focused on "beloved series, franchises and spin-offs that span MTV's 35-year history."

The cast of "The Real World San Francisco," which aired in 1994. MTV/Courtesy Everett Collectio

The reimagined shows, which include anime cult favorite "Aeon Flux" and the makeover series "Made," are being pitched to streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu and Apple TV, according to Deadline.

A new season of "The Real World" has not aired since "Real World Seattle: Bad Blood" wrapped the show's 32nd edition in early 2017.

MTV president Chris McCarthy told Deadline the rebooted show aims to be less of the drunken jacuzzi party it became in later years and more of a stripped-down version.

"The Real World" premiered in 1992 and is often credited with launching the modern reality TV genre.

"You have a whole different generation of young people that are growing up that didn’t experience cable in the way you and I did,'' McCarthy said.

"And so we’re able to go and actually retell that story, updated of course, with new characters, new tensions, new real-life issues, but still stay totally pure to the clean idea of what "Real World"was, without having to bastardize it in order to make it work for traditional cable."

The animated cult hit "Daria," about smart, wisecracking teen Daria Morgendorffer, is being reimagined as "Daria & Jodie," with a focus on Daria and her good friend Jodie Landon taking on the world.

MTV is also bring back the anime classic "Aeon Flux" with executive producers Jeff Davis and Gale Anne Hurd from shows like "Teen Wolf" and "The Walking Dead."

MTV Studios also plans to produce another reality show, "The Valley," which is in the spirit of "The Hills." The show follows a group of people coming of age in their twenties with the new wrinkle that it's located in Nogales, Arizona, right along the border with Mexico.

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