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'Mrs. Doubtfire' actress: Robin Williams was 'spectacular' when I needed help

Playing the older daughter of Williams' character in the film, Lisa Jakub hailed his selflessness, adding, "that's who he truly was."
/ Source: TODAY

The touching letter Robin Williams wrote in 1993 to help a young "Mrs. Doubtfire" co-star has a new postscript, courtesy of an update the actress posted Sunday on Reddit.

Lisa Jakub., Robin Williams
Lisa Jakub, Robin WilliamsCourtesy of Lisa Jakub, AP

Earlier this year, child-actor-turned-author Lisa Jakub — who played the older daughter of Williams' character in the film — praised a letter the late actor wrote when her Toronto-area school considered her work on the movie a disruption and expelled her.

MRS. DOUBTFIRE, Pierce Brosnan, Matthew Lawrence, Sall      y Field, Mara Wilson, Lisa Jakrub, Robin
Pierce Brosnan, Matthew Lawrence, Sally Field, Mara Wilson, Lisa Jakub and Robin Williams in 1993's "Mrs. Doubtfire."©20th Cent Fox / Everett Collection

"I was upset and Robin asked me about it," Jakub, now 36, told a few months ago. "The next day he showed up at my trailer with a letter he'd written to the principal asking him to reconsider and let me come back to high school. In an industry where people are only in it for themselves, Robin was not like that. Robin had my back and that will always be precious to me."

Dated July 1, 1993, that letter went viral last month, a year after after Williams' death devastated fans worldwide.

"I have spent the past three months working on 'Mrs. Doubtfire' with Lisa Jakub," Williams wrote. "I found Lisa to be a bright, inquisitive and an eager to learn young lady. She is charming and a delight. … I respectfully request that you reconsider your policy and allow Lisa the opportunity to work and attend school. She is an asset to any classroom."

Response from school officials was mixed. "The school framed the letter, hung it in the main office and did not ask me to come back," Jakub told earlier this year.

The letter went viral a second time on Reddit this past weekend, when Jakub chimed in with clarifications about her schooling and additional praise for Williams. Jakub reiterated that although she didn't graduate from high school in the traditional sense, she secured a GED diploma and, after retiring from acting, earned a degree from the University of Virginia at age 31. (She goes into more detail in her book, "You Look Like That Girl," published in June.)

Lisa Jakub says she also enjoyed meeting Sally Field on the "Mrs. Doubtfire" set.
Lisa Jakub says she also enjoyed meeting Sally Field on the "Mrs. Doubtfire" set.Courtesy Lisa Jakub

"[It] all turned out ok in the end!" she wrote on Reddit. "But of course the point of all of this is really that Robin was a spectacular individual, who took the time to fight for a kid going through a personal problem. And I'm just glad that people are hearing that story — because that's who he truly was. That's how I like to remember him."

When a responding Reddit user asked about her Canadian school's decision to frame Williams' letter but prohibit Jakub's return, the author was magnanimous in her reply. "I think it was just complicated and more than the teachers wanted to handle," Jakub wrote. "And I'm sure they thought a letter from Robin was cool. I doubt they expected anyone would ever be discussing it on a Reddit thread."

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