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Watch Will Ferrell and Reese Witherspoon fight over wedding venue in 'You're Cordially Invited' teaser

Fans cannot wait to tune in to see how this story ends.
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Reese Witherspoon and Will Ferrell are starring as rivals in an upcoming comedy film about a venue double-booking their family weddings.

In a teaser of "You're Cordially Invited" shared by Prime Video on May 14, Witherspoon's and Ferrell's characters meet each other as they enter a venue to check in. Soon after, they learn that her sister's wedding and his daughter's nuptials are both booked at the facility for the same time — and things suddenly turn tense.

"Let's get something straight. If I look out on that dock, and that bride's not my baby girl, that bride's going in the f---ing lake," Ferrell's character says in the trailer.

"I'm gonna kick your ass and it's gonna be embarrassing because you're big and I'm little," Witherspoon's character responds.

The video description reads that "chaos ensues" after the two agree to share the venue, and fans cannot wait to tune in to see how this story ends.

"In 2025? Can't it come out in the summer," one person commented on the post.

"It looks funny af, but we have to wait till January of 2025??" another added.

Here's everything we know about "You're Cordially Invited."

What is ‘You’re Cordially Invited’ about?

Witherspoon's and Ferrell's characters start off at odds over who gets to use a small venue, which is located on an island off the Carolina coast, according to the video description.

The trailer shows a montage of chaotic scenes, including an alligator in bed with Ferrell’s character, an awkward encounter in a shared bathroom, a dock sinking into the water with people on it, what appears to be a cake fight and more.

The description explains that the drama is a result of a compromise — when both parties agree to share the remote resort.

“When both parties decide to share the small venue, chaos ensues and our cast of characters begin to face their own insecurities learning more about themselves,” the description reads.

When does 'You're Cordially Invited' come out?

The film releases Jan. 30, 2025.

Who stars in ‘You’re Cordially Invited’?

Witherspoon and Ferrell are starring in the film. While there is no additional cast information listed in the teaser video or description, IMDb lists Geraldine Viswanathan, Wesley Mann, Meredith Hagner and Jimmy Tatro as some of the cast members.

How to watch ‘You’re Cordially Invited’?

The film will begin streaming on Prime Video starting on release day.