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See this ‘Wheel of Fortune’ contestant’s hilariously bad answer to a ‘Jurassic Park’ puzzle

"Jurassic Park Bodies" is not a thing.
/ Source: TODAY

A “Wheel of Fortune” contestant is getting raked over the coals for making one colossal mistake.

On Wednesday’s episode, a contestant named Tenaya hilariously failed when trying to solve a puzzle on the popular game show.

She bought the letter “O,” so the puzzle looked like this: “_urassic Park _o_ies.” She elected to solve the puzzle, saying “Jurassic Park Bodies,” when it was actually “Jurassic Park Movies.”

The official “Jurassic World” Twitter account couldn’t hold back from responding with a clever quip.

“Ho__ on__ y_ur b___s,” it wrote, referring to the line “Hold onto your butts,” which Samuel L. Jackson’s character said in the original 1993 movie.

Tenaya will have the opportunity to get better acquainted with the the popular film franchise when "Jurassic World Dominion" is released June 10.

There was plenty of other reaction on Twitter, with people miffed at how she could’ve blown it so badly.

"#WheelOfFortune Jurassic Park Bodies? I’m done for the night," one exasperated person wrote.

"Jurassic Park 'Bodies'!?? I can’t root for folks anymore," someone else wrote.

"I just saw the dumbest Wheel of Fortune guess of all time. It was: _URRASIC PARK_O_IES and this girl said Jurassic Park Bodies," another person commented.

"At least we got the title of the Jurrasic Park spoof movie .. it will officially be called Jurrasic Park Bodies," someone else joked.

“Wheel of Fortune” contestants make bad guesses on occasion, but they can take heart in knowing even the show’s stars are not above a snafu. 

Last year, Pat Sajak accidentally revealed the solved puzzle, and earlier this year, Vanna White recalled how she once turned the wrong letter back in the days when she had to manually turn the tiles.

“I don’t even remember which was the correct puzzle. It was either ‘Dr. Spock’ or ‘Mr. Spock,’ and I turned the ‘M’ or the ‘D.’ And it was like, ‘That’s the wrong letter! Oh, my gosh!’” she said on "The Kelly Clarkson Show."

“I’m scarred for life on that,” she added.