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Fans call Tyra Banks the ‘original Barbie’ after she posts ode to ‘Life-Size’

The former supermodel played Eve, a doll who came to life, in the 2000 film.
/ Source: TODAY

Tyra Banks played a barbie doll before Margot Robbie and her fans are not letting people forget.

The former supermodel starred in 2000 film "Life-Size," in which she plays a character, Eve, who was previously a plastic toy before coming to life. In the real world, Eve still has her barbie doll ways, a premise similar to the new "Barbie" movie that opened in theaters July 21.

The 49-year-old sensation marked the premiere of "Barbie" by sharing what appears to be a throwback of herself from "Life-Size 2" on Instagram.

In the photo, she looks serious with a cell phone pressed urgently to her ear.

"Ken, you’re leaving me for WHO??? 😭" she captioned.

Some of her more than 7 million followers expressed love for Banks as Eve and wished "Barbie" included her in the cast lineup.

"They fumbled the bag not having you in Barbie…" one fan commented on Bank's post. "Your press looks would’ve been iconic."

"Ken made a huge mistake! Eve is better 😍" another wrote.

"The ORIGINAL barbie!!" a third person added.

Over on Twitter, one fan likened Robbie to Banks’ character in “Life-Size" by sharing a clip on July 13 of Robbie autographing boxes during the "Barbie" press tour.

"She is sooo barbie it’s like she came straight from the box like that life size movie," one person tweeted.

The new "Barbie" movie has already proved itself as a box office hit this summer, but fans simply want people to remember Banks' iconic role.

“I Know ‘Barbie’ Is Coming Out But I Loved Me Some Tyra In LIFE-SIZE,” one person tweeted.