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See Robert De Niro and Kim Cattrall play future in-laws in 'About My Father' trailer

De Niro plays as an embarrassing Italian dad and Cattrall makes a rare movie appearance in the Sebastian Maniscalco comedy.

Robert De Niro is back on screen as an embarrassing dad, and no peacock is safe.

The acting legend and "Sex and the City" star Kim Cattrall play future in-laws in the funny new trailer for "About My Father," a movie featuring comedian Sebastian Maniscalco.

De Niro, 79, plays Maniscalco's dad, Salvo, who accompanies his son to a big Fourth of July family celebration in which Maniscalco plans on proposing to his girlfriend, played by Leslie Bibb.

Unlike De Niro’s classic overbearing dad in the “Meet the Parents” movies, this one is more of a quirky, demonstrative Italian dad who has Maniscalco constantly rolling his eyes.

The comedian, who co-wrote the movie, spoke to Willie Geist on Sunday TODAY in December about landing De Niro for the movie, which is loosely based on Maniscalco's own life.

Maniscalco, 49, and De Niro also had roles together in the 2019 Netflix hit "The Irishman."

"We got (the script) into De Niro's hands, and I didn't think anything of it," Maniscalco said. "And then he came back and said he really enjoyed it and wanted to do a table read with a bunch of actors to hear it out loud.

"We did the table read, and the next thing you know, we're in Mobile, Alabama, for seven weeks and De Niro is playing my dad," he said.

In the new movie, they travel to an opulent getaway to spend a weekend with Bibb's wealthy parents, played by Cattrall and David Rasche. It marks just the second movie appearance since 2010 for Cattrall, 66, and the first since 2019.

The trailer shows De Niro embarrassing Maniscalco in various ways as he worries about the potential fit between the two families.

Maniscalco also accidentally shows off something that Cattrall "can't unsee," and a peacock meets its untimely demise thanks to De Niro's work in the kitchen.

The trailer ends with Maniscalco and De Niro digging a grave for the bird, reminiscent of a famous "Goodfellas" scene where De Niro, Ray Liotta and Joe Pesci dig up a body.

"Why does it seem like you've done this before?" Maniscalco asks.

The movie premieres on May 26.