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Scarlett Johansson says she started filming 'Asteroid City' eight weeks after giving birth

Johansson's co-stars, Adrien Brody, Willem Dafoe and Bryan Cranston, got to hold her newborn son on set.
/ Source: TODAY

Scarlett Johansson is recalling what it was like to film her latest movie, "Asteroid City," just eight weeks after giving birth to her son, Cosmo.

During a June 18 appearance on Sunday Sitdown, Johansson, 38, recalled what it was like to bring Cosmo, who she shares with husband Colin Jost, on set.

“I got to bring my infant baby to the table. And he could be held by Adrien Brody and Willem Dafoe and Bryan Cranston, and everybody else," she told host Willie Geist.

"The stories he will have," Geist noted, with a laugh."His earliest babysitters, all Academy Award winners."

While they were waiting for a window of time to shoot the Wes Anderson film amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Johansson got pregnant, she said.

"So on my eight-week postpartum date, I was flying to Spain with my young, eight-week-old baby and Colin," she said.

Johansson kept her pregnancy a secret to avoid being "scrutinized in the public eye," she told Vanity Fair last year.

In August 2021, Jost announced the birth of their son on Instagram with a post that read: “OK OK we had a baby. His name is Cosmo. We love him very much," adding the hashtag, #wegotawaywithitforalongtime.

In "Asteroid City," Johansson plays a "beloved" movie star named Midge.

"She is kind of narcissistic and self-involved in a way that’s kind of very alluring and enigmatic," she told Geist. "She’s aware that she’s constantly being watched, and she doesn’t mind that at all."

According to the film's plot synopsis, "Asteroid City" is set in 1950s America where the itinerary of a Junior Stargazer/Space Cadet convention is disrupted by world-changing events.

The film offers a star-studded ensemble cast. In addition to Johansson, "Asteroid City" features Tom Hanks, Jason Schwartzman, Bryan Cranston, Steve Carell, Margot Robbie, Tilda Swinton, Edward Norton, Adrien Brody, Rupert Friend, Willem Dafoe, Tony Revolori, Jeff Goldblum, Fisher Stevens, Jarvis Cocker, Hope Davis, Maya Hawke, Rita Wilson, Matt Dillon and Hong Chau.

When asked what it was like to get a call to be in the movie, Johansson said it felt like a dream come true.

"It’s, like, a career dream goal, definitely," she said. "I was very excited to read a script in its entirety of his, which I never had the chance to do. And it was in the middle of COVID. And so it actually was a really, even more exciting phone call to get because it felt hopeful."