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Fans react to ‘Oppenheimer’ and its ‘perfect ending’

Moviegoers left the theater with thoughts about the "astounding" biopic, which some called a "victory for filmmaking."

After months of anticipation, "Oppenheimer" is finally in theaters, and viewers are wasting no time sharing their thoughts and reviews online.

Christopher Nolan’s latest follows famed physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer as he leads the effort to make the atomic bomb, and then tracks the fallout of his mission a personal and global scale.

In its opening weekend alone, the film earned $80 million at the box office. Many moviegoers made it a "Barbenheimer" double feature, seeing Greta Gerwig's "Barbie" the same day they did the J. Robert Oppenheimer biopic. AMC estimates 20,000 people bought tickets for the double feature, per Variety.

Whereas "Barbie" made audiences laugh and cry, "Oppenheimer" has a different vibe (as in, it mostly made them cry). After emerging from theaters, viewers described Nolan's film as "gripping," "emotionally satisfying," "astounding" and "a victory for filmmaking."

"My mind is still reeling. Stunning performances & bone chilling sound design make this a MUST-SEE! Get ready to be captivated, challenged, and forever changed," one Twitter user wrote.

Another moviegoer said "Oppenheimer" was "one of the best films" they'd seen in recent years, calling the screenplay "brilliant."

Audiences agreed that awards nominations are in the large ensemble cast’s future — especially star Cillian Murphy, who played the scientist at various points in his life, and Emily Blunt, who may receive her first Oscar nomination for her work as Oppenheimer's wife.

Fans say Robert Downey Jr., who played Lewis Strauss, Oppenheimer’s rival of sorts, “gave arguably best performance during the last 30 minutes of ‘Oppenheimer.”

“The film and the massive a-list ensemble cast deserve all the awards,” one Twitter user wrote.

Speaking of the ensemble cast: The presence of Josh Peck, of "Drake & Josh" fame, took some millennials out of the moment and back into their childhoods. "I legit lost it in the theater," one wrote. "I was not prepared for Josh Peck to play such a pivotal role in OPPENHEIMER," another wrote.

The film was resonant on an aesthetic level, with one fan saying it has "incredible visuals" and "breathtaking cinematography."

But its message is what stuck with viewers, with one calling it a "one time life experience."

The movie lingers as one that will “stick in your head for days, weeks maybe,” calling the movie and its message about nuclear warfare “a warning.”

One scene, in particular, stuck with viewers: When Oppenheimer speaks to a crowd after the bombs are dropped in Japan.

The consensus about the ending? No notes: People called it “perfect." Another wrote, "The ending really shook me."

"I can NEVER forget how great this scene was," another wrote.

Of course, "Oppenheimer" isn't everyone's speed. While one person acknowledged the acting was "superb," they also said the movie was "long, drawn out and at times just plain boring."

One Twitter user offered the following balanced review: "It might not be (director Christopher) Nolan's best film, but surely one of his masterpieces."