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Take a look at Nicolas Cage’s spooky spin on Dracula for upcoming movie

See the actor channel fiction’s most famous vampire for the horror-comedy "Renfield." 

Nicolas Cage is out for blood on the set of his next film!

“Renfield,” an upcoming horror-comedy from director Chris McKay, is named for the devoted henchman who works in the service of Dracula in Bram Stoker’s famous gothic tale. The twist in this telling is that the vampire’s familiar is actually the leading man, played by “Tolkien” star Nicholas Hoult.

But Dracula fans need not worry, because Renfield’s boss won’t exactly disappear into the background of the dark fantasy flick — as an on-set shot of Cage in costume proves. 

Nicolas Cage
Nicolas Cage is seen for the first time as Dracula while filming scenes, alongside Nicholas Hoult, in Universal’s new movie “Renfield.” JRLON / MEGA

The photo reveals the 58-year-old actor decked out in a blood-red velvet suit, accessorized with eight gold rings and the sort of bold neckware you’d expect from a 500-year-old (and then some) count.

But the spooky look doesn’t end with the outfit. 

Movie makeup and hair really set the tone, too. Cage has his do slicked back and his eyebrows drawn in sharp peaks in the pic. He also has Dracula’s signature pale pallor and a not-so-lifelike purple hue to his lips. 

In December, Cage spoke to Variety’s Awards Circuit podcast about the part, revealing that he studied those who took on the iconic role so memorably in the past, including Bela Lugosi, Frank Langella and Gary Oldman.

And then he decided to go another way, which fans will have to see in action to fully appreciate.

“I want it to pop in a unique way from how we’ve seen it played,” he explained at the time. “So I’m thinking to really focus on the movement of the character. … I want to look at what we can explore with this movement and voice.”

Of course, the "Pig" star knows something about putting on a vampy performance.

Nicolas Cage in Vampire's Kiss, 1989.
Nicolas Cage in 1989's "Vampire's Kiss" Everett Collection

Cage starred in another horror-comedy called "Vampire's Kiss" back in 1989, wherein he played a disturbed man who believed he was a vampire. While not a critical hit for the Oscar winner, it has gone on to become a beloved cult classic.

As for “Renfield," it's set to hit theaters April 14, 2023. It will be released by Universal, which shares the same parent company as TODAY.