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Kate Winslet changes her mind on whether Jack could have fit on the ‘Titanic’ door

“In a way, perhaps it should even be my door," Winslet told ET Canada.

Kate Winslet, who famously played Rose in “Titanic”, is weighing in on a question we've been debating for years: Could Jack have fit on the door?

And while Winslet does have an answer (she thinks he could have) she seems to be more passionate about keeping the door for herself.

“In a way, perhaps it should even be my door,” Winslet told ET Canada in an interview shared on Feb. 9.

The "door" Winslet's referring to is a piece of floating wooden debris in the water.

It's seen in the movie when Jack and Rose escape the sinking ship, miss their chance at a lifeboat and instead stumble across a door. It's then that they realize only one person can get on without it sinking. Jack tells Rose to get on it, which she does and then passes out. She wakes up to find Jack besides her. But soon realizes she's envisioning him and that he's died.

Winslet says that ever since people began debating the question of whether Jack could have fit or not, it's haunted her.

"I have to be honest, you know, I live with this," she said. "I live with this whole thing of 'Could he have gotten on the door?"

"This is over half my life I've been living with 'Could Jack have fitted on the door or not," she added.

But while Winslet has spent half of her life talking about the door the actor says has no idea where it is.

"If we can find that out and then get me and Leo on it and we were both probably a little bit fatter so I think the experiment may not go quite according to plan but we can try," she said.

It's not the first time Winslet has addressed the infamous scene, though her opinion seems to change often. In 2016, she told Jimmy Kimmel she believed they both could've fit on the slab of wood, but years later, she seemed to change her mind.

In a December 2022 episode of the "Happy Sad Confused" podcast, Winslet said she had "to be honest" when she was asked about it.

"I actually don’t believe that we would have survived if we had both gotten on that door," Winslet said at the time. “I think that he could have fit, but it would have tipped ... and it would not have been a sustainable idea. So you heard it here for the first time: Yes, he could have fit on that door, but it would not have stayed afloat."

In her February interview with ET Canada, however, Winslet seemed to change her mind again.

"I think he probably could've gotten on the door," she said.

"Titanic" turns 25 this year and in honor of that, there is an upcoming NatGeo special, “Titanic: 25 Years Later With James Cameron,” who directed the original film.

For the special, Cameron enlisted scientists and stunt people to simulate the conditions of the water scene that left Jack dead and came to the conclusion that had Rose given up some of her real estate or perhaps offered him her life jacket for insulation, Jack "might've lived."

"But there’s a lot of variables," Cameron says in the video. "I think his thought process was, ‘I’m not going to do one thing that jeopardizes her (survival),’ and that’s 100% in character.”

Winslet, in her interview with ET Canada, quipped that every time she sees Cameron, he can't believe folks are still talking about that scene.

"You know, every time I see (Cameron) he's like can you believe they're still going on about that bleep door?" she laughed, self-censoring herself.