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Judge Judy reveals which actor she'd want to play her in a movie: 'She gets me'

Hint: The actor is an Oscar winner.

Judge Judy Sheindlin has officially ruled on the case of who she would want to play her if there was a movie about her life.

On the Nov. 16 episode of "E! News," Sheindlin revealed that she would choose one specific Oscar winner to take on her role in a biopic.

"Reese Witherspoon," Sheindlin answered, calling the actor "a fabulous lady."

"We’re friends, and she gets me, and I know she does," Sheindlin continued. "And I think she’s a great actress, and I think she could — if they did, which I would not like — I think that she could carry that off."

Witherspoon might actually have the résumé to pull off playing Judge Judy. The actor has played a lawyer in the "Legally Blonde" series, assuming the iconic role of Elle Woods.

While there's currently nothing official in the works for a Judge Judy movie, viewers can instead watch a new season of the court show featuring Sheindlin with her granddaughter in tow.

The series, called "Judy Justice," began airing its second season Nov. 7 on Freevee, a free streaming service offered by Amazon. Sheindlin's granddaughter, Sarah Rose, is a legal analyst on the show.