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James Corden is ‘Honey Butter’ as he joins Tom Cruise and ‘Top Gun’ squad in hilarious skit

Their trip through the danger zone will tickle your funny bone.
/ Source: TODAY

“Top Gun” with James Corden is more like the “The Naked Gun.”

On an episode of “The Late Late Show with James Corden” posted on Friday, the host showed some work he did with the “Top Gun: Maverick” cast before the smash movie came out.

The bit began with stars Tom Cruise, Monica Barbaro, Jay Ellis and Glen Powell giving their call signs while piloting their own jets before Corden chimed in with his own less-than-intimidating moniker: Honey Butter.

“Your call sign should strike fear in the heart of the enemy,” Ellis told him.

“Alright, what about Karen?” Corden said. “Nothing’s scarier than a Karen with an agenda.”

“What about Phantom?” Corden continued.

“That works,” Cruise said.

“Of the opera,” Corden finished.

James Corden is not exactly "Top Gun" material.
James Corden is not exactly "Top Gun" material.YouTube

Cruise, who previously teamed up with Corden on a hilarious flying adventure on his show last month, ordered the pilots to focus on call names later before urging them to get cracking on their mission.

“How long are you guys flying with your eyes closed?” Corden said when Cruise asked if there were any questions. “I’m up to 30 seconds.”

After Corden said he’s made it to 35 seconds, Cruise sounded impressed.

Tom Cruise's Maverick was pushed to his limits by Corden.
Tom Cruise's Maverick was pushed to his limits by Corden.YouTube

“Would a bad pilot do that?” he asked.

“Yes! That is exactly what a bad pilot would do,” Ellis fired back.

“You should change your call sign to K-Y because you sound jelly,” Corden quipped.

As the team buckled down to face the enemy at 3 o’clock, Corden helped himself to some tea, confusing the time of day with the location.

“I always have tea at 3 o’clock. We’re fighter pilots, not barbarians,” he said as he took a sip.

Corden tried to calm everyone down by telling them to have a biscuit, before Ellis discovered his parachute bag is filled with the treats.

As Powell and another fighter pilot named Wildcat got shot down, Corden spruced himself up with an Instagram filter making him look like a cat. The team then goes for a final push before we see Corden and Cruise had been playing in virtual reality.

“Honey Butter, you can be my wingman anytime,” Cruise said.