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Harrison Ford roasts Conan O'Brien for needing a reminder he played Han Solo

“How come you’re not still on television?” the legendary actor asked O'Brien.
/ Source: TODAY

May the force be with Conan O’Brien the next time he interviews Harrison Ford.

Ford and O’Brien had a hilarious exchange when Ford noticed O’Brien needed a reminder that he played Han Solo in the “Star Wars” franchise when the actor recently appeared on his podcast, “Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend.”

During the interview, the two got into a discussion about Ford’s lineage when O’Brien pointed to a piece of paper which noted Ford’s father’s background.

“I refer you to this piece of paper right here that says, ‘Born and raised in Chicago to an Irish/German father,’” O’Brien said.

“Well, if that’s (the) quality of your research, and I imagine it is because right there it says ‘Harrison Ford’ and then you had to write down, ‘Han Solo.’ You can’t f------ remember that?” Ford fired back.

Conan’s team burst into laughter, but the comedian doubled down with some deadpan lines of his own.

“No I can’t. I can’t remember Han Solo,” he said. “I wrote (it) down because I heard that you were in some of the ‘Star Wars’ films and this was news to me because I’ve seen those films and I don’t exactly think you ‘pop.’ I’m sorry, but I mean, I remember Chewbacca, I remember the bad guy with the black helmet and then there’s some people.”

Ford, who can currently be seen in “Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny,” the fifth installment in the “Indiana Jones” franchise, then calmly laid into O’Brien.

Conan O'Brien (left) and Harrison Ford (right) had an entertaining war of words.
Conan O'Brien (left) and Harrison Ford (right) had an entertaining war of words.Team Coco via YouTube

“How come you’re not still on television?” he said, prompting O’Brien himself to laugh.

“I think it’s quite obvious why I’m not still on television,” he replied.

The pair sparring with each other is very much in line with Ford’s previous chats with O’Brien during his late-night career.  

“You came on my show many, many times, on the ‘Late Night’ show,” O’Brien said earlier in their interview. “And over the years people would say, ‘Who’s one of your favorite guests?’ And I would say, ‘Harrison Ford, because he’s so goddamn funny.’

“You are so hilariously funny and you tossed me around like a rag doll, verbally, on these shows and they’re some of my favorite segments of all time,” he added. “You are a hilarious man and I’ve always loved being around you.”