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Disney just announced a live-action ‘Moana’ remake. For some fans, it’s too soon

The original animated movie came out in 2016.

How soon is too soon to remake a movie?

Disney's "Moana" was released in 2016. Seven years later, in 2023, the company announced April 3 that it's working to create a live-action version of the Pacific island-set movie.

"Moana" became a fan favorite when it debuted, but those same fans have thoughts about it becoming live-action — not all of them positive.

"You're remaking this already?!" one person commented on the company's announcement on Instagram.

"Whyyyy," another asked.

"Idk about this..." someone else confessed.

There was some excitement among fans, however: "This is so cool," one wrote.

"Moana" captured hearts when it first premiered. In it, the ambitious titular character (voiced by Auli'i Cravalho) is set to become the leader of her fictional island, but she longs to leave its shores and explore. Defying her father's guidance, Moana sails away — and in doing so, forges a new path for her people's future.

The movie was lauded for its empowering storyline, original music by Lin-Manuel Miranda and stunning animation (who can forget when an entire island turned into a person and sang to Moana?).

"Like its animated predecessor, the film will celebrate the islands, communities and traditions of Pacific Islanders as seen through the eyes of a young woman eager to pave her own path," Disney said in a press release given to TODAY. "Moana’s journey of self-discovery and reflection on the lives of her ancestors won hearts worldwide, as did her newfound friendship with an exiled demigod named Maui."

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson will return as Maui the demigod in the remake. He shared the news on social media in a video message starring his two daughters.

"Hawaii means so much to my family and me and the traditions of our Ohana, or Aina, as we say in Samoa, were shaped by these incredible islands, the Pacific Islands, and their cultures inspired a very special story, one that you all know very well, and that story is, drumroll please...."

"Moana," his daughters shout.

"When I bring Maui to life, I'm doing it in the spirit of my grandfather," he says, referencing his grandfather, Samoan-American pro wrestler Peter Maivia.

To close out the video, the "Fast & Furious" actor asks, "Is Daddy Maui?"

"No," they shout.

"You guys want ice cream?" he asks.

"Yes," they respond.

"See, so Daddy's Maui?"

"Yes, Daddy's Maui!" they say, now that ice cream has entered the picture.

Johnson also announced the movie on Twitter, writing "#MAUI changed my life (miss you grandpa) and I'm honored to partner with @DisneyStudios to tell our story thru the realm of music & dance, which at the core is who we are Polynesian people."

However, Johnson's personal connection to the beloved movie has done little to assuage fans who don't want a remake right now.

"Wow, this has to be the shortest amount of time between an animated film and it’s live-action remake," one person tweeted.

"Wait it hasn’t even been 10 years what the hell lol?" another asked.

Others thought the actor may have outgrown the part of Maui. "Dude’s just desperate to not have his part recast while he’s in his mid-50s," a commenter said, adding a side-by-side of the animated character next to Johnson.

"Will you have the hair?" someone else asked.

One tweet in particular seemed to sum up the complicated feelings people have about the remake: "Listen, no one asked for this ... But I’m most (definitely) watching."