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Danielle Fishel and Lance Bass reveal a movie about their past relationship is in the works

The two dated for about a year and went to prom together.
Book Release Party For "Here's What We'll Say" By Reichen Lehmkuhl
 Fishel and Bass attend the book release party for "Here's What We'll Say" at the Abbey on October 23, 2006 in West Hollywood, California. John M. Heller / Getty Images

Real life has inspired Danielle Fishel and Lance Bass’ new project.

The former 'N Sync member was a guest on the latest episode of the “Boy Meets World” star’s “Pod Meets World“ podcast with former co-stars Rider Strong and Will Friedle. During their conversation, Bass, 43, and Fishel, 41, shared how their past relationship inspired them to write a movie about it.

“Lance and I are actually working on a movie about our love story and about our prom experience,” Fishel revealed, adding that “for those who don’t know,” they dated for about a year during her senior year when she was on “Boy Meets World.”

“And Lance came with me to my high school prom, my Calabasas high school prom. He was my date,” she continued.

The story will focus on a boy’s struggle with his sexuality after going to prom with a young woman and his coming out story. Lauren Lapkus and Mary Holland are writing the script.

“The reason we wanted to make this prom story into a film, I think so many people can relate to that story; so many people in the LGBT community, their prom night was the night they were like, ‘Oh, wait a minute. This can’t happen anymore,’” Bass said. “This was the catalyst for me that made me start to accept myself, which took a long time after that, but that was definitely the first little straw that broke.”

In real life, Fishel recalled how they “had a very wonderful, very warm, loving relationship but it was completely lacking of intimacy — intimacy in the romantic sense.” He eventually broke up with her after prom.

“Lance and I had a hotel room booked and I had a vision for what that night was going to be and Lance was very nervous about what my vision for that night was going to be,” she said. “That is really the night Lance talks about, where he felt like he was hurting me by not being honest to himself or anyone else about what was going on in his life so it was kind of the impetus for him to say, ‘I’m going to end our relationship.’” 

During their conversation, Fishel recalled meeting the singer for the first time during an ABC event for the network’s popular TGIF prime time television programming block, where ‘N Sync was performing. At the event, Bass recalled wanting to get Fishel’s number.

“And the way he got my number that night, my whole meeting with Lance ... it felt like a movie, which is part of the reason why we’re going to to turn it into a movie,” Fishel recalled. “I remember all night talking to (him and Justin Timberlake) ... and I remember thinking, like, ‘Hmm, I wonder if this is going well with Lance. I wonder if he’s gonna try and get my number at the end of this?’”

After waiting all night to see if Bass would ask for her number, she watched the boy band get in their bus and almost drive off.

“I turned around and it was Justin,” she said with a laugh. “Justin comes running up to me and goes, ‘Danielle, I need to get your number.’ I was like, ‘What?!’ and he goes, ‘It’s for Lance’ and I said, ‘Oh, OK, yeah.’” 

A couple days later, Bass called and left her a voicemail, which included Timberlake yelling in the background about how nervous he was to call her.

The two met at an ABC event and dated for about a year.
The two met at an ABC event and dated for about a year.Michael Tran Archive / FilmMagic

“I thought I was going to marry Lance. I had envisioned our future,” the actor said. “And then when he broke up with me, I couldn’t escape it and I held onto hope for way too long that Lance and I were going to get back together and get married and have a family.”

Friedle then asked Bass why he broke up with her, with the singer jokingly replying, “Oh, she knows what she did.”

“It turns out I am not Lance’s type,” Fishel added. Bass came out as gay in 2006. He is currently married to Michael Turchin and are parents to twins Alexander and Violet, whom they welcomed via surrogate in October 2021.

Fishel is married to Jensen Karp. They share two children, sons Adler, 3, Keaton, 1.