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Watch the new trailer for the ‘A Christmas Story’ sequel featuring an adult Ralphie

“A Christmas Story Christmas” will stream exclusively on HBO Max on Nov. 17.

Fans of "A Christmas Story" have waited 39 long years for this moment.

HBO Max just released the extended trailer for the classic holiday film's much-awaited sequel, and it's chock-full of nostalgia.

Peter Billingsley reprises his iconic role as Ralphie in the film, titled “A Christmas Story Christmas," and he's all grown up in the sequel. As he says in the first scene of the trailer, “Life moves fast," and Ralphie finds himself celebrating the holidays once again, this time as a father.

But there's one important member of the family missing: Ralphie's dad, who has died. He soon finds himself talking with his mother (Julie Hagerty), who makes him promise that they'll somehow still manage to make this a wonderful Christmas.

"That would make your father so happy," she says.

"What have I done? And now it was all up to me?" he says to himself.

While hanging out with his childhood friends Flick (Scott Schwartz) and Schwartz (RD Robb), Ralphie gets some interesting advice.

"I suggest you start drinking and don’t stop till New Year’s,” Flick says.

Peter Billingsley as grown-up Ralphie Parker in "A Christmas Story" sequel.
As a parent, Ralphie now understands that Christmas can be overwhelming.HBO Max

As Andy Williams' classic tune "It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year" plays in the background, Ralphie takes his children to go see Santa at a local store and gives them some sage advice that fans of the original film will appreciate.

"Don't let him kick you in the face," he says, referencing a scene from the first film.

Back at home, the kids decorate the Christmas tree as their parents sit back and relax. Ralphie’s daughter says, “When it’s just us decorating, it kind of feels like child labor."

Despite his best efforts to make Christmas special, Ralphie seems to be struggling and he tells his wife, "My dad made this all look so easy.”

"That doesn’t mean it was easy,” his wife (Erinn Hayes) replies.

The scene then shifts to a big crowd at a park with a giant slide. From the ground, Flick says, "Schwartz, I triple-dog-dare you!" and Schwartz prepares to slide down the massive slide.

Things seem to pick back up for Ralphie later as he reunites with family and seems to get the hang of this whole Christmas thing.

"Slowly I could feel the Christmas ember beginning to glow again," he says.  

The film starts streaming exclusively on HBO Max on Nov. 17.