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Nearly 40 years after triple dog dare scene, Flick gets revenge in new ‘Christmas Story Christmas’ clip

One of the most famous scenes from the original "A Christmas Story" plays a key role in a new clip for the upcoming sequel.
/ Source: TODAY

How the tables have turned.

A new clip for the upcoming “A Christmas Story Christmas” shows how an adult Flick manages to have the last laugh, years after Schwartz pressured him into getting his tongue stuck on a flagpole when they were kids.

“If revenge is a dish best served cold, this was a frozen dinner,” Ralphie says in a voiceover while Schwartz, armed with a sled, stands atop a frozen slide with a crowd of people on the snowy ground below.

Ralphie is played by Peter Billingsley, while Scott Schwartz plays Flick and R.D. Robb plays Schwartz. The three played the same characters in the 1983 original.

“There’s no way I’m going to kill myself for this. This is crazy,” Schwartz says, while getting ready to walk away.

“Hey, Schwartz, I triple dog dare you,” Flick says, stopping Schwartz in his tracks and raising the eyebrows of everyone in attendance.

“Oh, if Schwartz backed down now, he could never show his face in Flick’s tavern, or perhaps even in Hohman, ever again,” Ralphie says in a voiceover.

Schwartz lets out a cry of frustration, while Flick knows he backed his friend into a corner.

The next thing we see is Schwartz getting set to take off on the sled, while Ralphie, standing below, makes the sign of the cross.

“Geronimo!” Schwartz yells as he zooms down the slide, only to lose control and go airborne from the sled.

The scene calls back to the original “A Christmas Story,” in which Schwartz triple dog dared Flick to stick his tongue to a frozen flagpole outside of school, causing his tongue to get stuck.

“A Christmas Story Christmas” features an adult Ralphie and his friends in the 1970s, years after the events of the original movie. The highly anticipated comedy will be available to stream Nov. 17 on HBO Max.