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The best Christmas movies to watch on Hulu

Now streaming: Holiday romances for days.

It’s beginning to look like Christmas — especially if you're already queuing up the Christmas movies, setting up the tree and putting on the music.

Perhaps you’ve already begun to tune into Hallmark’s annual Countdown to Christmas  on TV or stream some of the feel-good movie network’s top Christmas movies. Or, perhaps you’re busy poring over titles on other streaming platforms.

If you fall into the latter camp, you may want to check out Hulu's selection of seasonal offerings.

Below, we’ve rounded up 20 amazing Christmas movies to watch pronto, whether you’re craving a comedic delight or a yuletide romance, or even a Santa-tinged horror movie. With some Hulu Original films thrown into the mix alongside classic and new flicks, we’ve got something for every kind of Christmas movie aficionado.

 ‘My Christmas Fiancé’ (2022)

Jennifer Freeman in "My Christmas Fiancé."
Jennifer Freeman in "My Christmas Fiancé."

Directed by Stefano Milla with Jennifer Freeman, Jack Parr and Denise Richards in the leading roles, this movie follows a chef at a fancy Italian resort. The action unrolls when her boss asks her to pretend to be his fiancée for yuletide season so he can avoid his family's questioning. The drama only continues when the chef’s ex-girlfriend intervenes. 

‘A Merry Christmas Wish’ (2022)

In this movie Great American Family Christmas movie starring Jill Wagner, Cameron Mathison, Morgan David Jones and Deanna Jarvis, a New York City advertising executive returns to her hometown to sell her family farm. While she’s there, she reconnects with her childhood friend and helps to organize the annual Winter Wonderland on the farm.

‘An En Vogue Christmas’ (2014)

Coming to Hulu on Nov. 18, this holiday movie is directed by Brian K. Roberts and written by Dayna Lynne North. Here’s the plot summary: The members of the group En Vogue are asked to reunite to perform a benefit Christmas concert to save the club where they rose to fame. Featuring a cast led by Genelle Williams, Terry Ellis, Cindy Herron, put on your coziest flannel PJs and get ready for a treat. 

‘Merry Kiss Cam’ (2022)

Katie Lowes and Jesse Bradford.
Katie Lowes and Jesse Bradford.JoAnn Jardine / JoAnn Jardine

Premiering on Nov. 24, this new movie is directed by Lisa France and stars Katie Lowes and Jesse Bradford. After a widowed artist and a bartender share a public kiss on a “kiss cam” at a hockey game on their first date, their team scores a game-winning goal right after they lock lips. Though they don’t know each other well, the duo decides to keep going to hockey games together as a good luck charm. 

‘A Christmas Winter Song’ (2019)

New on Hulu on Nov. 24, this musical movie stars Ashanti, Stan Shaw and Sashani Nichole. The plot revolves around two friends who forge a deep friendship over music despite being down on their luck. Watch the magic unfurl as Clio (Ashanti) helps Fred (Shaw) get back in touch with his daughter. 

‘Mistletoe & Menorahs’ (2019)

This Hanukkah-and-Christmas themed movie centers around a guy and a gal who decide to embark on a journey of learning the other’s holiday traditions. Yes, a love story ensues. Yes, you’ll love it.

‘Christmas at the Drive-In’  (2019)

Premiering on Hulu on Nov. 29 after dropping on Great American Family, this delightful film is directed by Don McBrearty and stars Danica McKellar, Neal Bledsoe, Ayesha Mansur Gonsalves, Toni Ellwand, Jennifer Wigmore and Elisa Moolecherry. Plot-wise, a lawyer tries to save her local drive-in movie theater. Of course, the owner just happens to be the fella with whom she shared her first kiss. Will the drive-thru movie theater reopen for the most magical time of the year? Make a bowl of popcorn and find out. 

‘Christmas on Repeat’ (2022)

Now streaming on Hulu with the cast of Jennifer Taylor, Gary Poux, Julia Terranova, JJ Whyte, and Matthew Lawrence, this made-for-TV movie is about a workaholic who gets stuck in a time loop on Christmas day (hence the movie’s title). Directed by Lindsay Hartley, sit back and relax as you watch what happens when Taylor’s character tries to reconnect with her family, while simultaneously working to keep her boss happy.

 ‘It’s A Wonderful Binge’ (2022)

Danny Trejo and Eduardo Franco in "It’s A Wonderful Binge."
Danny Trejo and Eduardo Franco in "It’s A Wonderful Binge." Brett Roedel / HULU

This Hulu Original, out on Dec. 9, is a sequel to 2020’s “The Binge.” As the synopsis describes it: “The sequel is set in a near future where all drinking and drugs are banned except for one glorious day known as The Binge. This year, that day happens to miraculously land on Christmas.” The movie was written and directed by Jordan VanDina and stars Eduardo Franco, Dexter Darden, Zainne Saleh, Marta Piekarz, Danny Trejo, Tony Cavalero, Nick Swardson, Kaitlin Olson, Tim Meadows, Paul Scheer, Patty Guggenheim, Esteban Benito, Eileen Galindo and Karen Maruyama.

‘All I Want for Christmas' (2022)

Directed by Armani Martin, this new movie is now streaming on Hulu and stars Erica Peeples, Christian Torres Villalobos, and Sahjanan Nasser. One determined daughter attempts to reunite her parents, a newly separated couple for Christmas, with plenty of humorous anecdotes along the way. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll already be hoping for a sequel.

‘I’m Glad It’s Christmas’ (2022)

Landing on Hulu on Dec. 1 after premiering on the Great American Family network, this movie is directed by Ernie Barbarash and stars Jessica Lowndes, Paul Greene, Sierra Wooldridge, Tammy Isbell, Teagan Sellers, and singing sensation Gladys Knight. In the film, an aspiring Broadway star teams up with a department store Santa to be in a holiday musical theater show. Love bells start to ring, along with all those holiday tunes.  

‘Santa Games’ (2022)

Faizon Love in "Santa Games."
Faizon Love in "Santa Games."

In "Santa Games," a much-adored mall Santa — a.k.a Santa Charles — retires from his career. Santa Charles creates an ad that garners tons of attention, leading to chaos as the mall strives to find a replacement. The family movie stars Faizon Love and Caryn Ward Ross, with Keoni Waxman in the director’s chair.

‘The Good Witch of Christmas’ (2022)

Christmas goes Halloween in this Christmas movie, which features the character of the Christmas Witch — a mythological counterpart to Santa and Mrs. Claus. Watch it for an alternative to the same old holiday characters.

 ‘Menorah in the Middle’ (2022)

Actors Lucy DeVito, Jonah Platt, Christian de la Fuente, Laura Silverman, and Sarah Silverman lead this family-friendly film. Follow along with the adventures as a newly engaged couple heads to the fiancée’s family home for the holiday and chaos ensues. Can the family bakery be saved? When one old school friend sweeps into action, perhaps it can be, but potentially at her relationship’s expense when sparks fly.

‘Arthur Christmas’ (2011)

An all-star cast of British greats — James McAvoy, Hugh Laurie, Bill Nighy, Jim Broadbent and Imelda Staunton, among others — helm this animated movie for kids. In it, Santa misses sending a present to a little girl, prompting his son Arthur to complete the delivery.

‘Christmas on the Farm’ (2022)

Poppy Montgomery and Darren McMullen.
Poppy Montgomery and Darren McMullen.

You’re going to adore this comedy directed by Christopher Weekes and led by a cast of Poppy Montgomery, Darren McMullen, Hugh Sheridan, and Nicholas Brown. Now on Hulu, the plot orbits around a New York socialite who makes up a pretend identity to get her book published. You’ll start biting your nails once she has to rush back to her deceased mother’s farm when the book’s publisher and her son head out to meet with the “Australian” author. 

‘Happiest Season’ (2020)

Meeting your S.O.'s family during the holidays is hard enough. It's even harder for the couple in this Hulu Original, since Harper’s (Mackenzie Davis) family doesn’t know she’s gay, forcing Abby (Kristen Stewart) to lie about their relationship. The movie confronts hard truths about self and familial acceptance while still keeping a core of love.