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Cameron Diaz re-creates ‘There’s Something About Mary’ hairstyle in new video

The actor revisited one of her famous roles for a video promoting her wine brand.
In the film "There's Something About Mary," Cameron Diaz's character rocks a pretty unique hairstyle.
In the film "There's Something About Mary," Cameron Diaz's character rocks a pretty unique hairstyle.Alamy

Cameron Diaz just gave her fans a beauty blast from her movie past.

In a new Instagram video, the actor re-creates her iconic hairstyle from the 1998 film "There's Something About Mary," proving that she's still got some mad styling game.

The minutelong video starts with comedian Benito Skinner in the car on the way to Diaz's house for dinner. He wonders aloud whether "it's weird to bring someone's own wine brand to their house for dinner," as the camera pans to boxes of wine from Diaz's brand, Avaline.

Meanwhile, Diaz can be seen at home scrolling through her IMDb page. She stumbles upon a photo of herself rocking the gelled hairstyle from "There's Something About Mary," and can't help but laugh.

When the doorbell rings, the 49-year-old greets her guests and Skinner jumps in from the side and starts singing "I'm a Believer," from another one of Diaz's films, "Shrek."

The comedian can be seen wearing a formfitting red dress and an extra voluminous, gelled hairstyle like Diaz's "There's Something About Mary" character.

The actor looks taken aback and an awkward silence ensues. But then she gets in on the fun and transforms into her character, rocking an identical outfit and hairstyle as Skinner.

Diaz starts posing, much to the delight of her guests, and heads outside to crack open some cans of wine with Skinner.

She's still got it!
She's still got it!camerondiaz / Instagram

Diaz added the following cheeky caption to her post: "@bennydrama7 bringing @avaline cans over was not the weirdest part of our dinner," adding a crying-laughter emoji.

Skinner replied, "CHEERS TWIN!!!" and posted the video to his own Instagram page with a caption that was a nod to "There's Something About Mary."

"There’s something about @avaline.. @camerondiaz," he wrote.

In reference to the infamous scene from the film, one fan commented, "Is that hair gel?" with crying-laughter emoji.

Others also seemed to get a good laugh out of the video.

"Omg this is so funny yet sweet!!" one wrote.