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What to know about 'Bros,' the first gay rom-com produced by a major studio

In the trailer, Billy Eichner’s character connects with a guy he calls a “gay Tom Brady.”
Luke Macfarlane and Billy Eichner in "Bros."
Luke Macfarlane and Billy Eichner in "Bros."Universal Pictures

Hollywood has made countless romance movies by now — but the first-ever gay rom-com two produced by a major motion picture is only coming out this year. 

“Bros” is history-making for other reasons. The movie was written by comedian Billy Eichner, who is also the first openly gay man to go-write and star in his own film. Director Nicholas Stoller (“Forgetting Sarah Marshall”) also co-wrote the film.

Further, the principal cast is composed almost entirely of people in the LGBTQ community, another first for a major studio film.

Universal Pictures

“I really, really want to do a good job because I think I owe it to the LGBTQ community,” Eichner told TODAY. “You know, we want to see ourselves reflected in an authentic way and I also wanted it to be really, really funny for everyone.” 

Here's what to know about "Bros."

The movie has an almost entirely LGBTQ cast

The cast includes Eichner as Bobby, a man whostruggles “to find another tolerable human being to go through life with,” and Luke Macfarlane as his love-interest-in-question, Aaron. The movie also stars SNL cast member Bowen Yang, who recently appeared in Hulu’s “Fire Island,” a “Pride and Prejudice” redux set in the iconic gay vacation destination. 

The large supporting cast includes Dot-Marie Jones (“Glee”), Jim Rash, Ts Madison, Miss Lawrence, Guillermo Diaz, Monica Raymund, Symone, Peter Kim, Benito Skinner, Becca Blackwell, Jim Rash, Guy Branum, Harvey Fierstein and Eve Lindley.

The only non-LGBTQ members of the cast are Debra Messing and Kristin Chenoweth, according to the New York Times.

The first full-length trailer shows the meet-cute

The movie’s first full-length trailer dropped on Thursday, Eichner took to Twitter to express his excitement. "The major Hollywood studios literally made 300 movies about DINOSAURS before they made ONE rom com about two gay guys falling in love. But OUR TIME HAS COME! And if you like dinosaurs, you’ll LOVE gay people! Here’s the NEW trailer for BROS!!!!” he said.

The movie’s meet-cute unfolds at the start of a trailer. While at a club, Bobby locks eyes with Aaron. the hunky guy who he may eventually fall in love with. “He looks like a gay Tom Brady,” Bobby remarks to a friend.

Flirting ensues, set to a soundtrack from George Michael and Queen. “What are you into, one of these ripped idiots with no opinions?” Bobby asks Aaron. “No, I’d like someone who’s physically very frail and won’t stop talking,” Aaron replies.

Their “opposites attract” vibe seemingly leads to some breakthroughs for Bobby. “My whole life, I've prided myself on being self-reliant. But this guy has gotten into my head,” he said.  

The movie is released in September

We’re excited to see Eichner back where he truly thrives most: Yelling at people on the streets of New York. Except, unlike his long-running series “Billy on the Street,” there’s probably less yelling in this movie.

We’ll have to wait for the Sept. 30 release date to find out.