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‘A Christmas Story’ fans, here’s your chance to own Ralphie’s house

The Cleveland home was featured in the classic holiday film.

We triple-dog-dare ya to find a more nostalgic piece of Christmas movie history!

The famous home from “A Christmas Story” is up for sale, according to the property’s current owner, who did not disclose a listing price. 

"A Christmas Story" house is for sale.
The famous house from "A Christmas Story" is for sale.Courtesy A Christmas Story House & Museum

Fans of the 1983 holiday classic will recognize the Victorian-era property as the home of Ralphie Parker and his family in the fictional town of Hohman, Indiana. 

The actual house, built in 1895 and located in Cleveland, was only used to film exterior shots in “A Christmas Story.” 

"A Christmas Story" house goes up for sale
The home's interiors are a "Christmas Story" time capsule.Courtesy A Christmas Story House & Museum

However, when entrepreneur Brian Jones bought the house on eBay in 2004 — sight unseen for $150,000, according to The New York Times — he painstakingly remodeled the house’s rooms to mirror the Christmas movie’s interior sets.

"A Christmas Story" house goes up for sale
The sale includes a nearby museum devoted to the film.Courtesy A Christmas Story House & Museum

The house offers daily tours and themed overnight stays.

A nearby museum opened to the public in 2006, displaying a large collection of costumes and props from the holiday classic.

'A Christmas Story' house goes up for sale
The gift shop is also for sale.Courtesy A Christmas Story House & Museum

There’s much more to this unique listing than Ralphie Parker’s famous house. The Bumpus House next door, home to the Parkers' notorious neighbors, the Bumpuses, is also part of the listing (785 smelly hound dogs not included).

The multi-property compound for sale, which spans 1.3 acres, also includes a 4,000-square-foot gift shop across the street from the main house, as well as two empty lots, a parking area and an additional rental property.

'A Christmas Story' house goes up for sale
Replicas of the movie's infamous leg lamp are sold at the gift shop.Courtesy A Christmas Story House & Museum

The listing even includes a detached garage with a 1939 Ford LaFrance fire truck, “just like the one featured in the film,” the "Christmas Story" House and Museum said on its website.

Nearly 40 years after the original, a sequel, “A Christmas Story Christmas,” is coming on Nov. 17 on HBO Max, with Peter Billingsley returning as a grown-up Ralphie who heads home for the holidays, this time with children of his own.