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'Call me coach': 'The Sandlot' star twins with 4-year-old son in uniform

Patrick Renna is known for his role as Ham Porter in the iconic baseball movie.

The star of "The Sandlot" now finds himself off the catcher's mound and into the dugout.

Patrick Renna, who played in Ham Porter in the iconic film, posted a picture Saturday with his son, Flynn, on his shoulders at a baseball field.

"Call me coach," the caption reads.

Fans were quick to comment on the adorable father-son picture, complete with matching teal uniforms.

"Ham coaching mini ham," one commenter said.

Another referenced a signature Ham line: "Hurry up batter, got to be a short game cause I've got to get home for lunch."

Renna, 43, has taken his legacy from the film in stride. He often posts throwbacks to his role as the smart-mouthed catcher and has revisited the character for a cast reunion.

Most known for the iconic line, "You're killing me, Smalls," the quote has even inspired his son's nickname.

Last June, after Flynn got his first black eye from playing baseball, Renna posted a TikTok re-creating a scene from the movie, in which Scott Smalls' stepfather slaps a piece of steak over his shiner to stop the swelling.

"So Smalls (aka my 4-year-old son Flynn) got his first black eye playing baseball, and I knew exactly what to do," he says in the TikTok.

Flynn's baseball days date all the way back to December 2019, when Renna posted a video of Flynn practicing his batting on a tee-ball set.

"You're killing me, Smalls," the then 2-year-old says before swinging, echoing his dad's famous phrase.

Smalls — we mean, Flynn — turns 5 in April. Renna and his wife, Jasmin, have another son named Liam, who was born in 2020.