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Move over, Trump! Star Jones is the real boss

The new season of “Celebrity Apprentice” promises big egos and big conflicts, but week-one winner Star Jones wants to make one thing clear. She’s not just another one of the “nuts.” Yes, despite what “Apprentice” fans may have heard about Jones’ upcoming, hands-on feud with fellow boardroom hopeful NeNe Leakes, the lawyer and former “View” co-host insists she has a strength other than drama to bring to the show.

Move over, Donald Trump! Jones plans to show everyone who's boss. 

“I’m not nuts,” Jones said during an interview on TODAY. “I’m the bossiest person you will ever see on TV. I am bossy. Do you know that they didn’t show this? I actually organized the team when they appointed me as project manager. I assessed strengths and weaknesses. I had a whole flowchart in our war room. ... ‘So tell me which category you fit in. Do you fundraise? Do you public speak? Do you have graphic design experience? Do you know how to use the computer? Are you good with money?’ That’s why Dionne (Warwick) was actually on the cash register. She said she was good with money.”

Of course anyone who watched Sunday night’s “Celebrity Apprentice” premiere knows that Warwick either exaggerated her money management skills or Jones overestimated the singing legend’s cash register capabilities. Either way, pizza patrons lined up around the shop to pay for pies. Not that it really mattered. Jones’ team easily won the first challenge up against their all-male competition. In fact, according to the legal eagle, her efforts earned two victories.

“I had to remember the whole time, I represent 82 million people with heart disease ... and $170,000 went to the American Heart Association from the show,” Jones said of her win. “Then on premiere night we had a fundraising party and we doubled it -- another $170,000, almost $350,000 (total) to the American Heart Association. So for me, I count it a win.”

Jones’ “Apprentice” success comes just days before the one year anniversary of the open heart surgery that led her to support the American Heart Association.

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