Move over, Emma Stone! Ellen DeGeneres was Ryan Gosling's original 'La La Land' co-star

/ Source: TODAY

It may be hard to imagine anyone other than Golden Globe winner Emma Stone waltzing alongside Ryan Gosling in "La La Land," but thanks to this clip from Wednesday's "Ellen DeGeneres Show," you don't have to imagine it.

You can just watch the "first choice" leading lady get cozy with Gosling for yourself.

The so-called behind-the-scenes video alleges that the woman who really had chemistry with Gosling was none other than the daytime talk show host.

But brace yourself — the footage appears to be doctored!

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Director Damien Chazelle compared his ideal leads to "Fred and Ginger or Bogart and Bacall" the clip, however, edited in between those scenes is footage from Gosling's last appearance on "Ellen," in which is literally swept her off her feet. (And got a smooch on the cheek!)

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The video is hilarious and oh-so-Ellen. After all, she's known for her creative edits — especially around here.

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