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Most readers agree, Kellie’s ‘Idol’ time was up

Charm could only take her so far; Paris may be next
AMERICAN IDOL: Kellie Pickler performs April 25 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on AMERICAN IDOL.  
AMERICAN IDOL: Kellie Pickler performs April 25 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on AMERICAN IDOL.  

She is pretty. But, as many readers noted, “American Idol” is ostensibly a singing competition.

Kellie Pickler was sent packing from the show Wednesday night and, for the most part, readers thought it was the right move. Many think Paris Bennett will be next.

Here is a sampling of that feedback.

LOVE HERI love Kellie, but I could see in the last two weeks that she was not keeping up enough to stay in the competition. As I have felt all along, Paris has a great voice, but I don't think it is enough to keep her there. The one with the real voice and class is Katharine. Taylor is a serious favorite and might just surprise us all in the end. He has definitely made the show worthwhile. I like his style and his delivery. Chris and Elliott can both leave ASAP and it would thrill me. They are just the old run of the mill yell-and-holler wannabe rockers. Ugh! In the end, it will be Katharine and Taylor. – Darnell

SHE’LL BE BACKYes, Kellie deserved to leave, but it's not the last we will hear from her. Not by a long shot. She's too good-looking, she can sing and would be a hit on the talk show circuit. Paris will be next and the winner is so up in the air. I can't remember a season where there was so much talent. I think Katharine will be the one, although I do adore Taylor. – Candy

OVERDUEKellie really deserved to be sent home this week. It was long overdue. I think Paris will be the next to go. She is good but not the best. The winner is hard to pick. Katharine could win if she continues to get better each week. Chris is good but do we want a person that can only sing rock? Taylor has a lot of showmanship and likeability. I really would like to see Taylor win. – Joyce

UNDESERVEDNo, she did not deserve to go home. There was at least one other more deserving of that fate – Elliott or Paris. In terms of entertainment value, and yes, that includes looks, personality, on-stage presence, believability – on top the most important factor, raw singing talent – Kellie still walks ahead of the rest. Only Taylor challenges her in the other areas, onstage presence and personality. I think Paris will go next, followed by Elliott. – John

DEFINITELY DESERVEDKellie definitely deserved to go home. It's incredible she made it this far with her average voice. It was only her personality that kept her around, which isn't fair considering the fact that "American Idol" is a singing competition. Paris will go home next because of her annoying speaking voice which gets to a lot of people. Chris will probably win it all. Katharine also has a good chance, as she should, because she probably has the best technique and a beautiful voice – Amy

SUPER-ADORABLEShe is super-adorable. I think that's what carried her so far. I noticed from the very beginning of the competition that she had a weaker singing voice than the rest. A couple of very good performances kept her in the game, but it just wasn't good enough to make it all the way. Best of luck Kellie! – Jill

HATE TO SAY IT I hate to say it because I really like Kellie. But, I do think that she had some rather bad performances the last two weeks. I believe that she will continue on from here and we will be seeing her on stage at a county or state fair somewhere. Then on to the Grand Ole Opry or something like that. I am not sure who will eventually take the top spot – it will be a toss-up between Chris and Katharine. I think both are terrific and both should go far! So good luck to both. I think that I really am pulling for Chris, but I wouldn't be hurt too bad if Katharine won. – Sara

ACT OVERDONEI felt Kellie's naive act was overdone and I believe she was sent home with good reason. She didn't sing as well as the others. Even though she got bumped she was very gracious in her shortened departing speech. Got to give her that! – Pat