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Morgan Wallen acts in 'SNL' sketch mocking canceled performance over COVID-19 protocol

"Saturday Night Live" got meta with its Alabama party sketch.
/ Source: TODAY

Two months after being dropped as a musical guest on "Saturday Night Live" due to violating COVID-19 protocol, Morgan Wallen appeared on the iconic NBC sketch show last night. And in true "SNL" fashion, his indiscretions became the butt of a joke.

The 27-year-old country singer starred in a skit alongside host Jason Bateman, which re-created the video that showed Wallen partying without a mask in Alabama days before his originally scheduled "SNL" debut.

The sketch took place at the University of Alabama two months prior and showed Wallen as he was visited by his future selves. To kick off the sketch, the country singer barged into a bar without wearing a mask and raised his beer before declaring, “To no consequences!” to the bar patrons.

A girl who said she was a fan, played by Chloe Fineman, then approached Wallen at the party and asked, “Do you think we could kiss? And I could film it?”

“Only if you promise not to post it on social media,” he said.

Fineman replied, “Just on TikTok, I promise.”

At the moment the two embraced, Bateman ran into the bar dressed identically to Wallen.

“I am you from the future,” Bateman told Wallen. “I came back here to stop you from partying tonight. Trust me, somebody’s going to post a video of you ignoring COVID protocols, and the whole internet is gonna freak out.”

“Nah, I just specifically asked her not to post it,” Wallen replied.

"I know, I thought it was an airtight approach, as well," Bateman said. "But once people hear about the party, you're in big trouble, man. You're gonna get kicked off 'Saturday Night Live.'"

"Well, I don't want to screw up an opportunity like that or let my fans down,” Wallen said, showing remorse. ”I guess I'll leave the party then."

Bateman replied: “Now, I know it's hard, I actually forgot how fun this party was. Maybe we stay for another five or 10 minutes.”

"SNL" cast member Bowen Yang entered the sketch to warn Wallen to leave the party immediately, before directing his attention to Bateman, adding, “I came to warn you about the experimental skin regimen you’re going to try out. It might make you too hot.”

Pete Davidson appeared next, though he was not Wallen from the future. Instead, he was just a guy at the bar dressed like all three versions of the country singer.

"You're going to do the right thing and accept responsibility for what you did tonight,” Davidson predicted. “(SNL) is gonna have you on two months later, I promise. There aren't many people willing to fly to New York right now."

The sketch concluded with a short song from Wallen, inspired by that night’s events, called “Focus on the Future.”

After Wallen's original "SNL" performance was canceled, executive producer Lorne Michaels announced that musician Jack White would replace him and that the show would reschedule Wallen. On Nov. 25, he was rebooked for Dec. 5.

Wallen celebrated the announcement, tweeting a photo of the episode’s lineup.

“Let’s try this again,” he wrote.