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Morgan Radford explains how TODAY helped bring her and her now-husband together

The NBC News Daily anchor and her husband welcomed their first child together in February 2023. 
/ Source: TODAY

Morgan Radford’s long love story with her husband David Williams all started with a TODAY Show story and a McFlurry. 

The NBC News Daily anchor reflected on how her romance with Williams began in a sweet Instagram post on June 8.

Radford and Williams, who recently welcomed their first child together in February, started off as friends before their relationship grew into something more.

“Almost 7 years ago on August 10, 2016, Weekend @TodayShow sent me on a story in #Detroit about an organization rebuilding and decorating homes for people going through hard times,” she wrote in her caption

While in The Motor City, she decided to contact the only Detroit resident she knew, who happened to be Williams. 

The two had met in college and lived in the same dorm. “I only had 40 minutes before my flight, I explained, and the entire shoot was only 6 hours … but did he want to meet up and say hi?” she recalled asking him. 

She continued, “Of course he did, he said, and told me there was a @McDonalds right beside the airport. We could grab a McFlurry.”

She later explained to that they had "reconnected" in Detroit, which "set the stage" for one year later, when they saw each other again in London and things "turned romantic."

She concluded her June 8 post, “Fast-forward 7 years and another chance meeting in #London: he gave me a McFlurry.”

Now, they are married and have a daughter, Adelana Marcia Radford Williams, who they call Lana for short.  At the end of the post, Radford gushed that Williams is “a best friend, and the love of my life.”

Beside the story, she included an adorable selfie of the family of three standing in front of a McDonald’s. She also posted a throwback photo of her and Williams riding in a car together. 

The NBC News correspondent and her husband tied the knot on Jan. 8, 2022 in Cartagena, Colombia, after previously postponing their ceremony in May 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

She has previously posted about their love story, writing in her 2019 engagement announcement post that they had bonded at school just before Williams graduated while taking part in an on-campus fashion show.

"We were randomly paired together," she wrote. "We met every week to practice our steps — and between busted dance moves and attempted runway walks — we giggled and became pretty good friends."

She added that Williams had headed to law school shortly after but stayed in touch over the years.

"We grabbed dinner while I was living in South Africa, drank boba tea once I moved to New York, and he even took me for an 'airport McFlurry' when I had a quick layover for a story in his hometown of Detroit," she wrote, alluding to the story she shared on June 8.

She wrote that they were both selected for a conference in London in 2017.

"That night, we danced, made new friends — but always came back to each other. He looked me in my eyes that evening and told me this was our shot to become more than friends," she wrote. "Two days later he saw his cousin, showed him our picture from that evening, and said, 'I just reconnected with the woman I’m going to marry.'

"Turns out — he was right."