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Morgan Freeman's dramatic reading of a Justin Bieber song is hilarious

In case you need a laugh before the weekend starts, this should help.
/ Source: TODAY

In case you need a laugh before the weekend starts, this should do the trick.

Vanity Fair posted a hilarious video of Morgan Freeman reading the lyrics of Justin Bieber's hit song, "Love Yourself," in true baritone Morgan Freeman style.

"I'm going to do a dramatic reading from a very popular songwriter," the actor says in the clip's introduction, without even cracking a smile.

Freeman continues dryly reading the lyrics, glancing back and forth from an iPad to the camera, and injecting wry smiles and slight eye rolls where necessary.

And the best part, of course, comes with the song's best lyric: "My mama... didn't like you," Freeman said, looking up at the camera and pausing for effect. "And she likes everyone."

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Bieber himself appeared to appreciate Freeman's rendition, as the singer retweeted the video.

Last month, Vanity Fair also had celebrities do dramatic readings of another Bieber hit, "Sorry."

Bieber's songs have proven to be fodder for parodies — one family announced their baby's gender with a take on Bieber's song, "What Do You Mean?", while another couple parodied "Sorry" to celebrate turning 40.

Freeman's latest film, "London Has Fallen," in which he plays the vice president of the United States, premieres today.