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More Teen Mom Drama: Amber Accuses Gary's Gal-Pal of Crank Calling Her

This Teen Mom just got this teen dad in big trouble.
/ Source: E!online

This Teen Mom just got this teen dad in big trouble.

Amber Portwood, the star of MTV's trainwreck reality series Teen Mom called the cops on baby daddy Gary Shirley accusing him of violating the terms of a judge's no-contact order after being on the receiving end of a series of harassing phone calls.

Say it ain't so?!

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Per a Madison County, Ind., incident report obtained by E! News, Portwood asked authorities to go and interview Shirley after the supposed incident took place.

This despite the tube personality telling E! that she didn't think the guy on the phone was Gary, but actually was someone pretending to be her ex who threatened her. The drunken crank call was most likely instigated, she said, by Ashley, Shirley's new girlfriend.

"Ashley had a man act like he was Gary, and he said, 'Ashley can suck dick as good as you and I'm about to f--k her!'" Portwood said. "But it wasn't Gary. Ashley then got on the phone and said that her name was Amber. I kept saying over and over, 'This isn't Gary.' But honestly, I couldn't tell because the person was drunk and kept slurring his words. But it was so sad that she would do that to me.'"

Hmmm...could someone be jonesing for her own reality series?

In any case, Portwood isn't taking the harassment lying down, even if she's the one that ended up being jailed back in December for assaulting Shirley on camera in front of their 2-year-old daughter, Leah.

"She is just a disgusting person," added Portwood. "She was in the background saying how she was going to share a guy with another girl, and how she thought she might be pregnant, but she didn't know who the dad was. It was seriously so f---ed up. But I really believe that it wasn't Gary on the phone."

Perhaps she could tell that to the cops if they arrest him.

--Reporting by Ashley Fultz and Katie Rhames

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