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More Bad News for Eva Longoria: ALMA Awards Axed

First a husband, now Eva Longoria has lost a job. And you think you're having a tough week?
/ Source: E!online

First a husband, now Eva Longoria has lost a job. And you think you're having a tough week?

While the maritally challenged actress typically spends each fall hosting the annual ALMA Awards, which honor Latinos in entertainment, she'll be forced to sit this one out as the awards show has been canceled.

Which may be just as well anyway. But is it Eva's fault the show went bust?

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Nope. In fact, this year's show had signs of being shelf-bound months ago.

And while she has understandably been backing out of as many engagements as she had planned in the last week, Longoria was neither tapped to nor pulled out of this year's emcee duties.

In fact, so in the works does this cancellation seem to be that the nominees for the 2010 version of the show, typically released in August, never came.

"Unfortunately, we're not doing the [ALMAs] this year," Delia de la Vara, one of the show's producers, told

"We heard there was interest from other broadcasters to carry the ALMA Awards and we started to pursue that."

But for those in need of a small-screen dose of George Lopez, Jessica Alba and Rosario Dawson (and who among us isn't?), all is not lost.

The organization may have axed this year's broadcast but plans on returning to the airwaves better than ever (and hopefully with their usual hostess back to her fighting self) in 2011.

"We're working toward a 2011 fall broadcast of the show during Hispanic Heritage Month," de la Vara said.

"Eva's been part of our core team on the production for the ALMAs, so she will be a part of the awards as she has been for the past four years."

The date of the awards, as well as the channel set to air them, is expected to be announced early next year.

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