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More Advice for Lindsay Lohan From...Tara Reid?!

Tara Reid has somehow managed to clean up her rep.
/ Source: E!online

Tara Reid has somehow managed to clean up her rep.

Once the poster girl for partying and drunken nights, Tara has managed to shed her former bad girl rep over the past few years following a trip to rehab to 2008.

Just last night, Tara hit a pre-Oscar party with her newest beau in tow, and was asked what advice she could possibly offer to current trainwreck/ alleged jewel thief Lindsay Lohan...

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"It's really tough," Tara told reporters at TheWrap's pre-Oscar party Wednesday night. "I've never gotten in trouble like that. I never got arrested. My biggest crime was dancing on a table. So I can't really compare the two. I just wish her good luck."

The 35-year-old actress also said she's calmed down as she grew up.

"I don't go out as much and I don't need to go to the clubs," she told me at the Four Seasons. "I'm older now. I'm not as hyper as I used to be."

Last night must have been a special occasion, as Tara was out with her latest boyfriend Michael Lilleund.

(For those keeping track, this is not the same Michael she was engaged to last year, Michael Axtmann. They called it quits in April 2010.)

After leaving the Oscar bash, the couple headed to Katsuya for some sushi together.

And just between us, Tara was looking a little skinny last night--here's hoping she ate a big dinner!

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