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Is Moore keeping mum about a baby?

Demi Moore says she’s not pregnant, but a source says she’s staying mum about being with child because her Kabbalah advisers have told her to.
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The Demi Moore uterus watch continues.

Moore still insists that she’s not pregnant, but a source who has worked with the "Charlie’s Angels" star says she’s staying mum about being with child because her Kabbalah advisers have told her to.

“They have advised her to tell no one, that to discuss it would bring the Evil Eye on her,” says the source.

Moore’s rep, however, dismisses the story, telling The Scoop, “None of this is true.”

Gone to the dogs

Exclusive:Tori Spelling prepares her dog, Mimi LA Rue as they are they are the Grand Marshal's of the 11th Annual Big Dog Parade in Santa Barbara. Tori shown here in her otel suite at the Andalucia dressed in identical dresses by designer Shoshanna Loeinstein. Tori's decided to do the event in support of Much Love Animal Rescue which she is an honorary board member.Larry Birkhead

Tori Spelling’s pooch was really putting on the dog this weekend.

The “90210” star’s pug, Mimi La Rue, turned heads by wearing a $12,000 diamond and platinum bracelet at a the Big Dog Parade in Santa Barbara — and a dress, designed by Shoshanna Lonstein, that matched her owner’s. But, says a source, Mimi refused to complete the look and wear a blond wig put atop the dog’s head.

“Tori was touched by a paraplegic pug and suggested acupuncture to the dog’s owner because her dog Mimi takes acupuncture for pains,” says a source. “Tori was nervous about riding in the parade because the last parade she was in she was shot in the leg with a BB gun.” But, says the source, she persevered and the two served as grand marshals of the event — but not without incident. “Mimi started fights with several other dogs and Tori kept on having to lunge to the muddy ground to break up the commotion.”

Notes from all over
Phone-hurling actor Russell Crowe has another salvo for George Clooney. The two have had a verbal battle going on since Crowe attacked Clooney and some other stars for cashing in on their fame by appearing in ads; Clooney fired back that Crowe cashes in on his fame with his rock band. “An endorsement for products is about money. My music is from the heart,” Crowe said, reports Australia’s Northern Territory News. “But what I enjoyed, greatly, is nobody seemed to get the irony that one major franchise in George Clooney’s life is based on the work of Sammy Davis Jr., Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin [Clooney’s remake of  ‘Ocean’s 11’]. Sammy, Frank and Dean were entertainers in a real sense. And Clooney climbed over their bones in order to enable him to pick up an endorsement for suits.”  . . . Donald Trump has some wedding advice for Paris Hilton: get a pre-nup. Notes the reality-show mogul: “Every time celebrities get ready to walk down the aisle — and, believe me, I know all about that — I continuously caution them to get a prenuptial agreement.”  . . .  Speaking of the Paris Hilton nuptials, before fans shell out $79.99 to buy a Calvin Klein pillow for the heiress’ wedding, they should know that the Macy’s registry where it — and dozens of other items — are listed is fake. “Someone’s having fun,” laughs Hilton’s rep. “There are also fake registries at Pottery Barn and Home Depot.”

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