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Game on! 'Monopoly' latest board game-inspired movie to pass 'Go'

Lionsgate passes Go, hopes to collect more than $200.
/ Source: TODAY

Movie executives have given the "Go"-ahead to a movie based on Monopoly.

Monopoly board game
A shot of the Monopoly board game.Getty Images

Lionsgate will produce the film about the Hasbro game that's taught generations about the benefits of real-estate hoarding, free parking, and placing second in beauty contests you didn't even know you'd entered.

According to Deadline, the Monopoly movie focuses on a "boy from Baltic Avenue who uses both Chance and Community in a quest to make his fortune, taking him on a fun, adventure-filled journey. It’s about making your own luck, what makes you truly rich and, of course, avoiding Jail time!"

But Monopoly isn't the first board game to get the big-screen treatment. Here's a breakdown of three other games that already have been adapted for the silver screen, two possible flicks that are stuck in the development stage, and two more that don't quite fit either description, but deserve a mention anyway.

Three board games that already have been made into movies:

1. "Clue" (1985)

By far, the most beloved of the board-game movies, "Clue" wasn't a box-office hit or a critical favorite at the time of its release. But it's since become a classic, not only thanks to a cast that includes comedy icons Michael McKean, Martin Mull and Madeline Kahn, but also because of comedy aficionados who discovered the movie via VHS, television rebroadcasts and DVD. If nothing else, the late Kahn's improvised line about "flames on the side of my face" justifies its very existence.

2. "Battleship" (2012)

It was just like the board game, if the board game involved Transformer-like sea vessels, Liam Neeson's particular set of skills, and Rihanna's brooding "Mahalo" to celebrate a successful "hit."

3. "Ouija" (2014)

Sold in the same aisle as the equally spooky Boggle, the "spirit board" inspired this horror flick that explored the dangers of crossing over and careless flossing.

Two board games whose movies remain in limbo:

1. Candy Land

Adam Sandler's Happy Madison Productions and "Enchanted" director Kevin Lima have been attached to a movie based on the sweet board game for little kids, but a July 2014 lawsuit appeared to gum up plans for a speedy release.

2. Risk

Four years ago, screenwriter John Hlavin ("Underworld: Awakening") signed on to pen the script for the war-themed game about global domination, but the Sony Pictures project appears to have stalled. Perhaps if they had established a presence in Australia, as Risk players often do, they'd be winning at the box office by now.

Honorable mentions:

1. "Jumanji" (1995)

To be clear, this Robin Williams blockbuster was based on a book about a magical board game. A board game inspired by all of the above — live animals not included — was made after the film's release.

2. Magic, The Gathering

No, this isn't the third "Magic Mike" movie, although that would be the best possible title. Remember that mystical card game that your bespectacled friends or their kids played on cafeteria tables? Yeah, that one. "Game of Thrones" writer Bryan Cogman is scripting its movie adaptation, for which no release date has been announced. But since that's a card game rather than a board game, we'll put it in this category until Daenerys Targaryen threatens to unleash her dragons.

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