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Monica and Brandy reunite for Verzuz battle

The singers got together for a three-hour "Verzuz" battle.
/ Source: TODAY

It finally happened! After a week of hype (and years of feud rumors), Brandy and Monica faced off for a "Verzuz" battle that saw the duo sing, laugh and attempt to set the record straight.

The singers reunited 22 years after their huge R&B hit, “The Boy Is Mine,” for the webcast series that pits icons against one another for a lengthy music-and-more battle.

And for those wondering who came out on top, it was no contest: Fans of both singers won.

In between the tunes, the women talked around the topic of their long-rumored feud, and while they never fully confirmed exactly what did or didn't happen, their banter made it seem as though they’re ready to put it all behind them.

"I wanted to speak to you face to face," Monica said. "The more we’re talked about, the more it led it to be difficult, unnecessarily. And I really, really am a straight shooter, and I really do admire what you’ve done musically and what you’ve also had to endure personally. I don't know all of it, but I know some of it."

Brandy returned the kind comments, telling her fellow hit-maker: “I have the utmost love and respect for you, as well, no matter, you know, the times where it seemed like I didn't. For somebody to start at 12 years old — the longevity of your career — you never gave up, no matter what you've been through. And I know a lot of the things you've endured, and you're still here.”

Despite their proclaimed mutual appreciation, they admitted that this event marked the first time they’d spoken in eight years, which means that their 2012 reunion for their follow-up hit, “It All Belongs to Me,” didn’t exactly lead to a renewed friendship.

And even though the women didn’t profess to having any bad blood these days, Monica, 39, repeatedly referenced the fact that she and Brandy, 41, “had a disagreement” at one point, and viewers couldn’t help but sense some frosty moments between them.

For instance, when the “So Gone” singer reflected on her old “kickin' in doors and smackin’ chicks” days, Brandy added that she was “one of the ones” Monica meant. That stopped Monica in her tracks with denials, sent Brandy on the defensive, claiming that it was just a joke, and had their fans reeling on social media.

Still, the two played out the full three-hour event, closing with their hit “The Boy Is Mine,” without a hitch, and they broke records along the way. For the first time since Swizz Beatz and Timbaland launched the series in March, a "Verzuz" session topped 1.2 million concurrent live views.

While fans on social media went wild with memes, most simply voiced their appreciation that the women joined forces at all — even some of their most famous supporters had something to say about that, including Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris, who joined the women via video at one point and professed herself a “huge fan.”

And there was someone else who made a special appearance in support of the ladies ahead the "Verzuz" battle.

Mekhi Phifer, the actor who played the man who stirred up a fictional feud between Brandy and Monica in "The Boy Is Mine" video so many years ago, reprised his role in a trailer for Monday night's epic show.