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Watch 'Modern Family' stars try to out-prank each other during final days on set

Jesse Tyler Ferguson thought he was finally getting revenge on Eric Stonestreet. He thought wrong.
/ Source: TODAY

The joke is on Jesse Tyler Ferguson. Again.

Ferguson and his “Modern Family” co-star Eric Stonestreet appeared on Wednesday’s episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” and got into the spirit of April Fool’s Day when they shared a video of Stonestreet pranking Ferguson on the show’s set when Ferguson believed he was actually pranking Stonestreet.

Stonestreet has had the upper hand when it comes to playing jokes on his on-screen husband during their time on the Emmy-winning comedy.

“I have done a fair amount of pranks to Jesse, some small, some very small, some medium, some bigger pranks along the 11 years we’ve been associated,” Stonestreet admitted to Kimmel.

Ferguson and Kimmel joined forces to get back at Stonestreet on the set of "Modern Family" (before the coronavirus quarantine went into effect), except there was one teeny weeny problem: Ferguson was being set up to be the victim once again.

Kimmel rolled out the tape of the segment, which featured Ferguson explaining he was going to hook a forklift to Stonestreet’s trailer and then shower him with rainbow confetti.

Stonestreet, though, was having none of it.

“So, Jesse Tyler Ferguson thinks he’s pranking me today? No. No, he’s not. No, I’m pranking him,” Stonestreet said before explaining Ferguson would be sitting in an earthquake simulator covered up to look like a regular trailer.

So, you know what’s coming next, right? Ferguson was led to believe he had actually experienced an earthquake while he watched on closed circuit camera thinking he was pranking Stonestreet.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson as Mitchell (left) and Eric Stonestreet as Cameron (right) in a scene from ABC's "Modern Family." AP file

When Ferguson stepped outside after hearing there may have been an earthquake, he saw Stonestreet, who popped some confetti of his own.

“I got you!” Stonestreet exclaimed.

“How dare you!” a stunned Ferguson shouted.

“You were gonna get me, but who got who?” Stonestreet asked before giving him a hug and clueing him in on what happened.

“You are all terrible people,’ Ferguson said before learning everyone was in on the joke.

Ferguson and Stonestreet will have one final time to make audiences laugh when the series finale of “Modern Family” airs next Wednesday on ABC.