'Modern Family' mini-me! 10-month-old nails Eric Stonestreet costume

/ Source: TODAY

"Modern Family" star Eric Stonestreet has a mini-me!

Ten month old Charlie Harding of American Fork, Utah, spent his first Halloween dressed as Cam, Stonestreet's character on the hit ABC show, and to hear the child's mom, McKell Harding, tell it, the costume was a no-brainer.

"He was born with just a ton of hair," Harding told TODAY. When Charlie was only a few months old, she says, a former co-worker told her and her husband, Dan, their baby looked "just like Cam from 'Modern Family.'"

"And I was like, 'oh my gosh, he does,'" says Harding, laughing. "Since then, tons of people have made the same comment."

Stonestreet himself sees the resemblance. Harding tweeted the Emmy award-wining actor a collage of photos of Charlie in his dapper Cam costume, which the actor shared with his followers.

"Okay. This is GREAT," Stonestreet captioned the shots.

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Charlie, whose own TV viewing tastes currently lean more toward "Baby Einstein" videos, was a huge hit at the Harding family Halloween festivities last weekend. Mom and dad dressed as "Modern Family" characters Lily and Mitch, but Charlie stole the show.

"Everybody loved it. We'd been joking about it for a long time," says Harding, adding that she scored Charlie's fabulous, bold-patterned shirt on Amazon.

"It's from Italy. The company had all these designer shirts for boys that look like that," she says, laughing. "Who knew people dressed their kids this way?"

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