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'Mob Wives' star: Fights on 'Real Housewives' 'are not fights'

Season four of VH1's "Mob Wives" wraps up Thursday night with a finale dust-up that sees tempers really flare between the women of Staten Island. The fight is, according to the ladies themselves, the real deal — but they're not so sure they'd say that about the battles they've seen between housewives elsewhere on TV.

"('The Real Housewives') fights are not fights to me," Drita D'Avanzo said during a Wednesday morning visit to TODAY. "To me, that's just the way we talk on the phone. Nobody's bleeding, and there's no lenses that are broken. It's kind of like, that's not a fight."

As for the big fight to come on "Mob Wives," it was fueled by genuine anger ... and lots of libations.

"Yeah, there was a lot of wine involved," Renee Graziano admitted. "There was some Johnny Walker Black, some tequila, Tito's. There was a lot of things involved there."

But while she was filled with booze during the brawl that viewers have yet to see, she wasn't filled with satisfaction.

"That was my fault," she said of the fight. "And I'm not very proud of that moment."

There's someone else who isn't exactly proud of what happens on the show — D'Avanzo's mother.

"My mother makes like she doesn't know me," D'Avanzo explained. "She's like, 'Today, in the doctor's office, everyone talks 'Mob Wives."' And I go, 'Did you tell them (I'm your daughter)?' 'Nah, I just say I feel bad for their mothers.'"

Talk about fighting words!

The "Mob Wives" finale airs Thursday at 10 p.m. on VH1.