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Mo’Nique hopes Bullock, James ‘make it work’

The Oscar winner delivered a public message of support to her A-list pal on "Entertainment Tonight," saying “To my sweet sister Sandra, my prayers are with you.”
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While the official status of Sandra Bullock and Jesse James’ marriage remains unknown following James’ alleged affair with tell-all tattoo model Michelle “Bombshell” McGee, Bullock’s friend and fellow Oscar-winner Mo’Nique delivered a public message of support to her A-list pal.

“To my sweet sister Sandra, my prayers are with you,” Mo’Nique announced during an interview with “Entertainment Tonight.” “My prayers are also with your husband, baby. That is between the two of you and I hope ya’ll make it work.”

Mo’Nique, who recently revealed extramarital sex wouldn’t be a “deal-breaker” in her own marriage, went on to state that she doesn’t want to see any union “dissolve or break up.”

As for those with their own ideas about what’s best for Bullock, the “Precious” star even had a message for them.

“Everybody else, and please quote me, mind your damn business,” the actress said.

Family wants Whitney Houston to return to rehab After observing Whitney Houston’s condition during her comeback tour, some loved ones are said to believe the singer needs another round of rehab if she hopes to go on professionally, or even survive.

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“The family members are deeply concerned because Whitney appears to be back to the same erratic and troubling behavior she exhibited when she was in the grips of a crack and cocaine addiction,” an insider revealed to The National Enquirer. “Whitney is drinking alcohol and she’s frequently dazed, confused and seemingly out of it. She came close to destroying her career and professional reputation with drugs, and the family is determined to avert a similar disaster.”

To that end, her family already has a plan in place, according to the insider — one that will allow the singer to put her health first while she utilizes her downtime between tour legs, rather than scrap what’s left of her international show.

“(Whitney’s) family wants her to slip into rehab during the break, and then undergo more intensive treatment in June,” the insider told the Enquirer. “They feel strongly that Whitney won’t be able to finish the tour unless she gets help right away — and they believe it could save her life.”

Vienna wants a Heidi Montag makeover While following Heidi Montag’s makeover lead may seem extreme, a report in In Touch Weekly reveals it seems like a good idea to “The Bachelor’s” Vienna Girardi, who was proposed to by pilot Jake Pavelka on the most recent season of the show.

Though there’s no word on just how many plastic surgery procedures Girardi would be willing to undergo in a single day (for Montag, the magic number was 10), she’s allegedly interested in a breast augmentation, nose job and liposuction.

Why so much work for the girl who already got the guy?

According to a source close to the reality winner, Girardi became upset after viewing recent photos of herself.

“She was secretly horrified,” the source explained. “She was disappointed in her appearance and that was one of the things that prompted this desire to have surgery.”

While Girardi’s rep shot down the Montag makeover talk, the source insisted Pavelka’s fiancée has her heart set on a big new look, if not a big price tag.

“Vienna is hoping to score surgeries for free and, like Heidi, document her transformation in a magazine,” the source said.

Dish on the fly Finally! Reese Witherspoon took her romance with agent Jim Toth public last weekend. Three months after parting ways with longtime love Jake Gyllenhaal, Witherspoon held hands with Toth without shying away from the paparazzi. “It's hot and heavy,” a source told Us Weekly of the relationship. … As it turns out, Ke$ha regrets the recently leaked musical smack talk she delivered to Britney Spears. Though she sang, “In 10 years, Britney Spears ... Britney who?” on “Styrofoam,” the “Tik Tok” artist wishes she could take it back. “Just to clarify, I didn’t write that bit,” Ke$ha explained during an interview with Australia’s “So You Think You Can Dance.” “That was from when I was 15 — and there is a reason that song’s not on my record. So, I have to admit now I do regret ever even singing that because I have mad respect for her.”

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