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Miss Piggy and Sharon Osbourne get into a catfight on 'The Talk'

Some old grudges never die, and when it comes to two strong ladies and their respective men, look out!

Miss Piggy was on "The Talk" Wednesday to chat about her 2011 film "The Muppets" coming out on DVD and Blu-ray when host Julie Chen brought up a rather touchy subject: memorable duets. Seems pretty innocent, right? Turns out one of the porcine diva's special moments included some one-on-one time with co-host Sharon Osbourne's man, rocker Ozzy. Or "What's His Face," as Miss Piggy referred to him.

Uh oh. Sharon not only disliked the diss, she also thought it disrespectful that Piggy wouldn't remember his name, especially considering Ozzy's close collaboration with the pretty Muppet. And when the rocker's wife fought back with her own possibly inappropriate relations with a certain green fellow, the fists flew. Check it out:

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