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Mischa Barton has claws out for Paris Hilton

Don’t invite Mischa Barton and Paris Hilton to the same party.
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Don’t invite Mischa Barton and Paris Hilton to the same party. A catfight has broken out between the star of “The O.C.” and the partying heiress.

Barton lashed out when a reporter asked her about Hilton during a party after the British awards show, BAFTA.

“Paris isn’t my rival,” Barton told the London Mirror. “I met her one or two times and she’s making out there’s this big rivalry between us and there so isn’t.”

Barton is said to have fallen out with Paris after she started dating Cisco Adler, the ex-boyfriend of Hilton’s best friend Kimberly Stewart.

Barton continued: “[Hilton] seems to hate everyone around her age who is more successful. Silly [rhymes with “witch”].  . . . She does steal people’s boyfriends!”

Gimme shelterMick Jagger’s ex-sweetie finally got some satisfaction.

Brazilian model Luciana Morad Gimenez, who had her son, Lucas, with Jagger, says that her current boyfriend proposed to her while the two were at a Rolling Stones concert.

“Yes, he made it official,” Gimenez told a paper in Brazil. “Marcelo [de Carvalho, her new fiancé] and Mick talking after the show was hilarious.”

She denied local reports that Jagger was cool to her during his visit to the South American country. “They say I stood on line to talk to him ... imagine that!” she said, according to our source in Brazil. “Mick loves me! I had a relationship with the man, I have a son with the man. People don’t get that. They [the band] had two floors at the hotel and only family and friends were allowed to get in. I got in and out as much as I wanted to.”

Gimenez said she spent 40 minutes chatting with the rocker. “Everybody wanted that but only I got it. My contact with him was the best one: I have his child.” What did they discuss? “We always talk about ecology,” she said. “And we talked about what he eats.”Notes from all overAre Denise Richards and John Stamos an item? Charlie Sheen’s ex and some friends were at Nobu in Malibu when Stamos and "Full House" co-star Bob Saget joined them. “It looked like a set-up date,” a source told the Star. “It looked like they were both focusing on being a good date for each other.” The two actually dated a decade ago, according to a source, who claimed that the public coupling was a case of Richards “sticking it” to ex-hubby Sheen.  . . . WWE wrestler Stacy Keibler is the overwhelming favorite to win according to the online betting site  . . . Warren Beatty better watch his back. Wife Annette Bening — who is starring in an HBO film about Jean Harris, the private-school headmistress who shot and killed her sweetie of 14 years — was asked if she ever feels like taking a gun out after her hubby of 14 years. “Ah well. Um,” Bening told Life magazine. “That would be far too revealing were I to really answer that!”

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