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Miranda Kerr says Katy Perry helps her deal with ex-husband Orlando Bloom

Kerr, Perry and Bloom are one happy, blended family.
Miranda Kerr has nothing but love for her ex Orlando Bloom's fiancée, Katy Perry.
Miranda Kerr has nothing but love for her ex Orlando Bloom's fiancée, Katy Perry. Getty Images
/ Source: TODAY

Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom sure have this whole co-parenting thing figured out.

The former couple, who were married from 2010-2013, share a 10-year-old son named Flynn and Kerr says they've worked hard to put his needs above any sort of drama ever since their split.

The model and entrepreneur was a guest on the latest episode of the podcast "Moments with Candace Parker" and admits that her divorce from Bloom was in the best interest of their son.

"I just think that having two happy parents separated is so much more important than two unhappy parents together just for the sake of the child because the child feels that," she explained.

The 38-year-old said that building a strong co-parenting relationship with Bloom wasn't always easy, but said they have always agreed on one thing: Flynn comes first.

"(I grew to understand that) at the end of the day, Orlando is going to be in my life forever and it's important for Flynn to have a healthy relationship with him," she said. "And once I fully accepted that I really realized that it's important to put your own upset behind you, make peace, for your own good, and move forward for obviously, your own good and and your child's good."

The exes are now on friendly terms, and Kerr admitted that she even enjoys spending time with Bloom's fiancée, Katy Perry.

"We go on holidays together, we celebrate all the important milestones together. I love her. I mean, it'd be safe to say I love her more than Flynn's dad," she said.

Kerr, who also has two children with her husband, Evan Spiegel, explained that her relationship with Bloom has evolved a lot over the years and said that having Perry around only makes things easier.

"To me, right now, he's like a brother and most of the time, an annoying brother, so she helps me deal with him because she can deal with him and I'm so grateful that she's there because it just takes the pressure off me," she said with a laugh.

Bloom and Perry also have an 11-month-old daughter named Daisy Dove so Flynn now has three siblings, and Kerr said he gets excited every time a new sibling arrives.

"Flynn's so sweet with her," she said.

Talk about one big happy, blended family!