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Minnelli says marriage to her ‘too hard’ for men

“It’s too hard on any man to be married to a woman like me,” Broadway star Liza Minnelli told Parade magazine’s Sunday issue.
/ Source: Access Hollywood

Liza Minnelli is done with marriage forever.

“It’s too hard on any man to be married to a woman like me,” Minnelli told Parade magazine’s Sunday issue.

The Broadway showstopper said one thing that has kept her from finding lasting love is her fame. Another, is her commitment to the fans.

“Yes, a famous woman — with all that goes with it… No matter how successful the man is, it’s hard for him to take,” she said. “And maybe it’s politically incorrect to say, but — I get it. I’m not going to refuse that autograph. I’m not going to deny that photographer. I certainly won’t stop touring. It’s too hard on any man.”

While she may be done with holy matrimony, Minnelli will not be stepping down from the stage any time soon.

“I’m a dancer. I have to move,” she said. “Also, I don’t think I’d look that good standing still in a beaded gown.”

Though she never had children, Minnelli told Parade she has no regrets.

“I am a wonderful — I hope! — godmother and aunt to the children in my life,” Minnelli said. “And I work a lot with brain-damaged children. Would those relationships be what they are now were I raising my own children? The fact is, I wanted children. I couldn’t have them. That’s how it turned out.”