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‘Mini Me’ still lives with sex tape-selling ex

"Mini Me" Verne Troyer is still upset with the ex-girlfriend who released their sex tape, but he has to face her every day -- she still lives with him.
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Unwitting sex-tape star Verne Troyer is still fighting the release of a video featuring him and his ex-girlfriend Ranae Shrider sharing their most intimate moments. But, oddly enough, the “Mini Me” actor is still sharing his home with the woman who betrayed him.

“(Ranae’s) still in the house,” Verne revealed to E! News. While he seeks legal action to force his former flame out, Verne’s not leaving, either, a situation he claims “makes it even harder, to, you know, not strangle her.”

Life at home isn’t easy. In addition to living with the woman who’s attempting to profit from the tape, the actor alleges that Ranae’s now harassing him.

“I saw her when I left today, and she was calling me names and I can't get away from it,” Verne explained.

Lauren Conrad snubs dogs at animal fundraiser
“Hills” hottie Lauren Conrad was set to play the hostess at the Paws for Style doggy fashion show in support of the Humane Society of New York Tuesday night, but the reality TV star bailed out on her pooch pals.

According to Emily Brill, who attended the event, an emotional LC couldn’t handle walking a dog down the catwalk. Lauren and her own dog appeared on the cover of “Animal Fair,” a sponsor of the event, and she even made her way down the red carpet on the big night, but that’s as far as she was willing to go.

“(Lauren’s) somewhere around here crying as I type this,” Brill posted to her blog, EssentiallyEmily, during the event.

While the self-proclaimed “5th Avenue Misfit” was unable to explain what led to the waterworks, she reported the reaction after Lauren’s abrupt departure.

“Those reality stars can be such temperamental bitches,” the event’s MC told the crowd.

David Lee Roth impostor exposed
The Canadian police officers credited with saving David Lee Roth’s life still deserve a pat on the back, but not from the rocker. It turns out the man who went into anaphylactic shock just before officers pulled him over was a Diamond Dave impostor.

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“The story is completely false,” Elaine Schock, a rep for the Van Halen frontman, told the Toronto Star. “I don't even understand where that came from. David doesn't drive himself. He has a driver.”

Apparently police never requested identification at the scene, as “they were too concerned with helping a man who was in medical distress," said Constable Larry Plummer.

Days after newspapers published photos of the would-be rocker, who also duped hospital staff and local pub patrons, the mystery man was finally revealed to be a Cambridge native named David Knutz.

According to Diamond Dave’s rep, the real-deal wasn’t upset to learn of the other David’s antics. “It's not like it's bad press; it's just odd press,” Shock explained.

Dish on the flyWhen disappointed Cowboys fans blamed a “Jessica Simpson Jinx” for Tony Romo’s on-field fumbles, wide receiver Terrell Owens jumped onboard the bashing. “With everything that has happened, obviously with the way Tony played and the comparison between her and (Tony’s ex) Carrie Underwood, I think a lot of people feel she has taken his focus away,” he said at the time. Now T.O. claims it was all just a joke. “I don’t regret it because I was just having fun,” he told “I was just teasing her.”… Did Sarah Jessica Parker have her trademark mole removed? The beauty mark that’s graced Sarah’s chin throughout her career was suddenly MIA when she appeared at Yankee’s Stadium for the 79th All-Star game. While SJP's publicist denied any cosmetic tweak, a source revealed to the Daily Mail, “'I don't know when exactly she had it done, but she has definitely had a procedure.” … Fending off another round of is-she-or-isn’t-she pregnancy speculation, Eva Longoria Parker’s rep wants the star’s fans to know “Desperate Housewives” is the real reason behind Eva’s rounder tummy and no-fuss hairstyle. “She’s making herself look like that as her character has let herself go,” Liza Anderson explained to People magazine. “Gabrielle (Eva’s ‘Housewife’ alter ego) has gained weight and cut her hair. She’s a worn-out mother with two kids.” Though Eva managed to pack on a few pounds for her character’s fifth-season look, her rep says stomach and butt pads were still required to complete the illusion.

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