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'Mindy Project' star Kaling admits kissing guys is 'one of the perks of the job'

"The Mindy Project's" Dr. Mindy Lahiri loves guys, and loves kissing as many as she can. And that's not a problem for Mindy Kaling, who stars as the unlucky in love OB/GYN.

"She's kissed more men in a season than men I've met in my entire life," Kaling joked during a visit to TODAY Thursday.

Kissed, or at least romanced — and it's an impressive list for fewer than two full seasons. Mindy's men have so far included guest stars Bill Hader, Seth Meyers, B.J. Novak and Seth Rogen, plus her co-star Chris Messina, who plays co-worker Danny. And as creator and writer of the show, Kaling has a lot of say in just who she'll be locking lips with next.

When Savannah Guthrie asked if she had a list of guys she'd like cozy up with, Kaling grinned. "If I did, Savannah, have a list of Hollywood men that I'd want to kiss, is that so terrible? ... It's kind of one of the perks of the job is these dudes that I get to kiss."

Perhaps TODAY's Willie Geist is that list? The actress shared a picture of her gleeful self with him shortly after her appearance.



But getting back to Danny — whom the doc had a prickly relationship with since day one — the pair's steamy kiss in the show's last episode seemed destined to lead to a new relationship, but "Project" hasn't been on since January. So will next week's fresh episode signal the beginning of the end of Lahiri's/Kaling's list of potential partners?

"We pick up right where we left off," Kaling promised. "We don't string anyone along. I'm too impatient. We just like keep hitting you, there's so much comedy."

"The Mindy Project" returns April 1 with a special one-hour episode on FOX at 9 p.m.