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Milo Ventimiglia is touched parents came with him to Emmys: 'I'll start crying'

Just when you think the actor can't do anything more awesome, he does this.
/ Source: TODAY

As amazing a dad as he is on “This Is Us,” that’s nothing compared to how amazing Milo Ventimiglia is as a son.

The actor, best known as Jack Pearson on the hit NBC drama, brought his parents to Sunday night’s Emmy Awards, walking the red carpet with them, and making his fans swoon even more.

“They've declined the invite two years in a row, so this is the year they said they wanted to be here," the outstanding lead actor in a drama series nominee told E! News on the red carpet, while introducing his folks.

Mom Carol and dad Peter admitted they bore the brunt of some teasing by Jimmy Kimmel for not going to TV’s biggest night with their son, so they finally decided this was the year they turned out for the evening with their son.

"It was the right time, the right year, they've been excited and they've always been supportive of me, so to show them what this show is I think an experience," Ventimiglia, 42, said.

“Very proud,” both of his parents said.

Ventimiglia, who has earned an Emmy nomination all three seasons he's portrayed Jack on "This Is Us," also said his parents have been the greatest role models, inspiring his mantra “lead with love.”

"My mom and dad, they're very loving people, very supportive, raised my sisters and I with that, with the grace that they have just as human beings. I can't look at them too much, I'll start crying," he said. "I think it's something that we need to be more aware of, with everything kind of separating as human beings, we need to give examples of coming together and showing love. It is such a strength to be able to show love and in many different ways."

After seeing all the love among the trio, you may wonder if Ventimiglia was always so sweet.

“He was a great boy, wonderful son, just, I won’t say perfect, but the best,” his mom said.

“Very easy, very easy to raise,” his beaming dad said.

Ventimiglia couldn’t take the credit, though. “I come from good stock,” he said.

Jack Pearson himself couldn't have been more gracious.